What is the equipment of the electric hybrid glue boile…

Electric hybrid glue boiler/reactor is a new energy-saving electricity and liquefied gas mixed construction glue coating production equipment, all water-based paint can be produced, special high efficiency, ultra energy-saving, a pot of glue only 12 degrees, by Changsha Kai Construction Electrical a

Talking about: National standards for wooden pallets

Although the mechanization of the transportation industry is relatively high, the use of wood pallets is still relatively extensive. The goods are packaged from the very beginning, then stacked, then transported, and finally transported. The use of wooden pallets, the use of wooden pallets will br

Mesh cloth use grid cloth performance

Mesh cloth, also called glass fiber mesh cloth, is made of alkali or alkali-free glass fiber yarn as a raw material, woven into a glass fiber mesh cloth as a substrate, and then dried by coating an acrylic copolymer liquid. A new type of alkali-resistant product. The grid cloth has the characteris

China Lithium Battery Electrode Materials Breakthrough

May 3 was informed from the Ministry of Science and Technology, recently, a scientific research achievement of Hefei University of Technology adopted a novel soft chemical synthesis method, advanced advanced material preparation process, through the study of

How to properly debug small concrete mixing plant

Small concrete mixing plants are widely used in projects that involve field construction operations such as highways, bridges, power stations, and dams. At the same time can also be based on the special requirements of users to restructure to meet user needs. Then, when the small concrete mixing pla

How to prevent moisture in wooden bathroom products?

With the development and advancement of technology, wooden furniture has played an increasingly important role in people's decoration, but there is also a problem that the life expectancy is not very long, then how can we extend the service life of wooden furniture? Quickly learn about thi

PZ-5 Concrete Spraying Machine Operation Guide

How to operate PZ-5 concrete spraying machine safely? Henan Hao Li sprayer manufacturers today focus on the PZ-5 concrete spraying machine operation guide, and hope to help everyone operate the spraying machine. 1. Preparation 1 Check whether the installation of bolts meets the design requirements