What are the protective window types?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the economy, housing is building more and more high. At this time, the most troubling part is the families living in high-rise buildings. Because of the high floors, they often worry that family members will happen near the windows. What kind of accident, in

What are the 6 main points of villa renovation?

With the improvement of the economic level, people have increasingly strict requirements on the living environment. In particular, friends with good economic conditions will choose to build villas in the suburbs or scenic areas. Linhai enjoys quality life. Compared to the flat floor, villas are ve

Cobalt price fluctuated in April, cobalt city "bra…

Abstract 1. The price trend is based on the data of the business community. The cobalt price fluctuated in April. On April 30, the price of metallic cobalt fell to 650,833.31 yuan / ton, and the price of cobalt in April fell by 2.01%, ending the continuous sharp increase since the second half

2018 Sanitary Ware Top Ten Chinese Bathroom Top Ten Bra…

Sanitary ware as a necessity in life, and the quality of sanitary ware will affect people's lives, so many people will choose a well-known brand when choosing a sanitary ware, because the well-known brand is durable and the quality is more secure. Then, come together to understand the top ten

How to choose the living room TV background wall wallpa…

The video wall occupies a very important position in the living room. At the same time, it is also one of the most prominent places. Therefore, it must not be sloppy when it is renovated. If it is not matched properly, it may affect the overall effect. Here's a small series to tell everyone ab

Types of Bedside Lamps Optional Element for Bedside Lam…

The bedside lamp not only creates a home atmosphere in the bedroom, but also embellishes bedroom space decorating effects. However, the height of the installation of the bedside lamp is particular, because a bedside lamp at a suitable height can be used to reach a bedroom chandeliers. Especially f

ABS plastic heat is not good, how to solve it?

First, why should we improve the heat resistance of ABS plastics ? ABS has good processability and good toughness, but its heat resistance is not enough, which limits its application range. In general, the ABS Vicat softening point is around 95 ° C, and the heat-resistant ABS (VST/B/50) exceeds