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Although the mechanization of the transportation industry is relatively high, the use of wood pallets is still relatively extensive. The goods are packaged from the very beginning, then stacked, then transported, and finally transported. The use of wooden pallets, the use of wooden pallets will bring great convenience to the entire transportation process, save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce the use of mechanical equipment, so that it can play a greater effectiveness. The use of wooden pallets is so wide that the national standards for wooden pallets have been regulated accordingly, so that their quality is guaranteed to some extent. I will briefly introduce the national standards for wooden pallets so that people can have a basic understanding and understanding of them.

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are horizontal platform units for loading, stacking, handling, and transportation of goods and products placed as unit loads, facilitating handling, handling of unit supplies and a small amount of materials. Also known as: wooden pallets, wooden pallets, wooden pallets, fork boards, pallets, pallets, warehouse boards, mat board boards, shovel boards, etc. The main types of trays are wood, plastic, metal and other materials.

Wooden pallet timber material

At present, the materials of domestic wooden pallets mainly include loosewood, pinewood, and hardwood. Different materials represent different performances of pallets. The European tray standard clearly states that it is not possible to use poplar wood. The wooden pallets are dried and shaped to reduce moisture and eliminate internal stresses. Then they are cut, planed, broken, edging, sanding and other finishing processes to form profile plates. In the case of a nut structure) the profile plates are bound into semi-finished trays and finally finished and non-slip treated.

Wooden pallet specifications

1, panel thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm and so on.

2, fork hole height: 80mm-120mm.


Wooden tray features

Wooden pallets are the most widely used in the world, because of their low price, large bending strength, good rigidity, large carrying capacity, easy repair, high precision, and not easily deformed. They are reinforced with high-strength screws and do not pick up nails. it is good. Good low temperature and high temperature resistance, wide application range. Auxiliary equipment for cargo transportation, warehouse warehouse, placing goods (easy to use the forklift to pick up and place goods) moisture, is an ideal choice for a variety of industries!

Wooden pallet price

The price of wooden pallets is around 60 yuan. Friends in need may wish to go to the market for inspection.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Wooden tray national standards

First of all, the national standards for wooden pallets have a certain definition of the size of the pallets. For the length and width of the tray, there are four different sizes in the national standard. Although the specific values ​​in the four dimensions are different, the long average value is about 1200 mm, and the average width is about 1000 mm. It also has certain requirements for its long and wide tolerances, generally not exceeding 6mm.

Second, the national standards for wooden pallets have certain requirements for the weight they can carry. Generally, the weight of the wooden pallets should not exceed 2 tons. In the case of load-bearing wooden pallets, it is required that the center of gravity of the cargo it carries should not exceed two-thirds of its width. This is to ensure the safety of transportation.

Once again, the national standards for wooden pallets also have certain requirements on the squareness of wooden pallets. The need does not require that they be completely square, and does not require that the diagonal lengths are exactly the same, but the length of the diagonals is required to be different. Should not exceed 13mm, so that to a certain extent can ensure the squareness of wooden pallets to ensure the efficiency of the transportation process.

Finally, the national standards for wooden pallets also make relevant regulations for the dimensions of the components of the bottom plank of wooden pallets. We all know that the pallets are dedicated to the transport vehicles. In order to ensure that the fork wheels of the transport vehicles can be inserted smoothly, the thickness of the bottom plank of the wooden pallets should not exceed 28 mm. If its thickness exceeds 38 mm, the The bottom plank adds a certain amount of chamfering to ensure that its transporter can perfectly transport wooden pallets.

Editor's summary: Now, in many places, you can see wooden pallets. Don't use it for a few pieces of wood with screws. Its design is also scientifically reasonable and complies with the national standards for wooden pallets. of.

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