What is the equipment of the electric hybrid glue boiler (reactor)?

Electric hybrid glue boiler/reactor is a new energy-saving electricity and liquefied gas mixed construction glue coating production equipment, all water-based paint can be produced, special high efficiency, ultra energy-saving, a pot of glue only 12 degrees, by Changsha Kai Construction Electrical and Mechanical Trading Co., Ltd. is the first in China. Compared to ordinary glue boilers, it is much better than ordinary glue boilers in terms of energy saving and environmental protection.
Kaijian New Energy-saving Electric Hybrid Heating Glue Reactor (Glue Boiler)

1 cubic meter natural gas = 11 calories generated

Heating 1 ton of water from 0 to 100 degrees requires 15 cubic meters of natural gas for 1 hour, or 24 kilowatts of electricity for 7 hours.

Kaijian's new energy-saving electric hybrid electric heating construction glue boiler/electric heating glue reactor, namely the polyvinyl alcohol dissolved and reacted stainless steel container, the glue boiler adopts a cylindrical shape, its structure consists of kettle body, transmission device, stirring device, heating device, Sealing device, automatic control device composition. According to the requirements of the process formulation, the internal structure design and parameter configuration of the container are performed to more efficiently realize the heating, dissolving, and low-temperature mixing reactions of the multifunctional multi-functional comprehensive reaction vessel, and the intelligent automatic control system is used to start the water supply-heating up. Feed-dissolve-reaction-discharging can complete the set steps with high automation, strictly control the important parameters such as temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring) reaction concentration and other important parameters of the reaction process, ensure quality, and seek To achieve energy savings.

Polyvinyl alcohol glue boiler / reactor advantages

one. China's first intelligent electric hybrid construction glue boiler/multi-functional polyvinyl alcohol reactor

Special high-efficiency energy-saving construction glue boiler

(1) The glue boiler fully absorbs the high combustion value of the gas, the inertia of the thermal energy and the automatic control of the electric energy, and the chemical energy and electric energy of the gas are perfectly combined to achieve a more efficient and energy-saving device.

(2) The glue reactor can be 220v/380V dual-use 6kw multi-function low power <38 kw after conversion>.

(3) The glue boiler produces only one and a half hours, 12 kWh, and super energy.

two. Automatic control

(4) The glue boiler adopts intelligent control system, one-button start, thermostatic sol, automatic stirring, leakage protection, safe and reliable.

three. Many uses

(5) Multi-functional polyvinyl alcohol glue boiler can be used as 801 putty glue reactor, and can also be used as latex paint, water-repellent, white latex, water-in-water and other water-based glue dispersion barrels, and can be used in one or more kettles.

four. Safe and reliable

(6) The glue reactor adopts all stainless steel materials, atmospheric pressure work, no tail gas discharge, the system has a built-in thermal energy collector, and adopts a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material with a temperature resistance of 1200 degrees and a thermal efficiency of more than 98%. The reactor is easy to install and does not require environmental approvals.

Fives. No environmental restrictions (7) The new energy-saving glue boiler requires only a single-phase 220v power supply and is not affected by environmental conditions. Large-scale factories, small family processing rooms, building materials stores, construction sites, etc. can all be installed and used, and the daily output can vary greatly. 1.5 tons - 12 tons, work eight hours.

six. Materials

(8) The reaction kettle is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali, has a reasonable structure, is moderate in size and durable, safe and economical, and has mobility.

Seven. Technical Support

One purchase, permanent use.

We have been engaged in the production and sales of construction glue and construction glue boiler/reactor equipment for a long time. We can understand the market demand for the first time, and can provide the most suitable glue process recipe support in the market, allowing you to worry about production. At the same time can provide mature glue formula, latex paint formula, water in water, white latex, real stone paint and other 10 formula. Extend your equipment and product chain to help you grow bigger and stronger in your industry.

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