China Lithium Battery Electrode Materials Breakthrough

May 3 was informed from the Ministry of Science and Technology, recently, a scientific research achievement of Hefei University of Technology adopted a novel soft chemical synthesis method, advanced advanced material preparation process, through the study of electrode materials to achieve a breakthrough in the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Applications such as electric vehicles and power grids provide more optimized options, and related research results have been published in the top journal of the international chemical field “German Applied Chemistry”.

The electrode material with uniform composition, structure and shape size can maintain a uniform charge and discharge state during charge and discharge of the lithium ion battery, and the one-dimensional micro-nanostructure electrode material is favorable for shortening lithium ion diffusion and electron transport. The path, buffers the structural strain caused by the insertion and extraction of lithium ions, and thus enables the lithium ion battery to have excellent electrochemical performance. The experimental results show that the discharge capacity of the uniform one-dimensional micro-nanostructure lithium-rich material prepared in this project is greatly improved in the slow discharge of 10 hours and the rapid discharge test of 6 minutes. The method has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, solvent recovery and reuse, environmental protection, and easy realization of industrialization.

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