How to properly debug small concrete mixing plant

Small concrete mixing plants are widely used in projects that involve field construction operations such as highways, bridges, power stations, and dams. At the same time can also be based on the special requirements of users to restructure to meet user needs. Then, when the small concrete mixing plant is installed, it is time to commission the equipment. The problem has arisen. How to properly debug it?

When debugging the control system, first reset the emergency button, close the power switch in the electrical cabinet, turn on the circuit breakers in each branch, switch the power switch in the control circuit, and switch the power switch in the control room in turn to observe whether there is any abnormality in the electrical system. If there is an immediate check; open the button of each motor, the steering of the test motor is correct, if it is incorrect, it should be adjusted immediately; start the air pump of the small concrete mixing station, and start the air control doors according to the button labeling after the pressure reaches the requirements. Whether the action is flexible; zero and adjust the sensitivity of the computer; check the air compressor switch is normal, the barometer display is correct, the safety valve pressure adjustment to the standard range; the mixer test run to see if abnormal sound, each Whether the components can work normally; when the belt conveyor is debugged, it needs to be operated. During the running process, check whether each idler operation is flexible. Observe the belt carefully, and do not have swaying, running deviation, edging, slipping, deformation, etc.; When commissioning the concrete batching machine, it is necessary to press the ingredients button more and see if it is flexible And can be configured accuracy, then debugging the ingredients reference.

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