Common problems and solutions for hydraulic cylinders

After the long-term use of hydraulic cylinders in the hydraulic pumping station system, there may be cases of insufficient thrust and speed reduction. We propose corresponding solutions for the following five common problems, hoping to help the majority of users:

Problem 1. There are too many oil leaks:

Solution: Find the leaking part of the cylinder in the hydraulic pumping station system, and tighten all the connections.

Problem 2. The oil seal of the cylinder end of the hydraulic pumping station is pressed too tightly or the piston rod is bent, so that the friction or resistance is increased.

Solution: Relax the oil seal and straighten the piston rod to avoid oil leakage.

Problem 3: Due to the frequent use of a certain section of the working stroke during work, the linearity of the cylinder bore is poor, resulting in the exchange of high and low pressure oil at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder.

Solution: It is a honing repair hydraulic cylinder bore with a single piston.

Problem 4: The clearance between the cylinder and the piston is too large or the O-ring is damaged, causing the high and low pressure chambers to communicate.

Solution: It is a single piston or hydraulic cylinder gap or replace the O-ring.

Problem 5, the oil temperature is too high, the viscosity is reduced, and the cylinder speed by the gap seal or the poor seal quality is slow. If the high and low pressure oil chambers at both ends of the cylinder communicate with each other, the running speed will gradually slow down until it stops.

Solution: Analyze the cause of the heating of the cylinder of the hydraulic pump station, and try to cool down the heat. For example, if the sealing gap is too large, the piston or the sealing rod can be added separately.

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