How to avoid the reduction of grapes

Affected by adverse weather, nearly 60% of the vines in Shaanxi Province have sprouted slowly this year , especially the “Red Earth” grape varieties. As a result, the branches are less spiked, the ears are shorter, and the fruit setting rate is low. Experts predict Shaanxi Province’s “Red Earth” this year. Grape production is reduced by at least 40% . Is the grape reduced capacity recovery? Recently, the reporter interviewed Professor Liu Zhaoqiang, vice president of the Shaanxi Grape Industry Federation and a famous grape expert in Shaanxi Province.

Liu Zhaoqiang believes that the climate has a great impact on the production of "Red Earth" grapes, but the fruit farmers let the fruit trees have early fruit, severe excess fruit, excessive use of hormones, so that the tree consumes too much organic nutrients, and the harvest is too late, the tree The body nutrition is not fully restored, the fruit trees are not safely wintering, and the fruit trees can not be properly germinated, flowered, and the results are the real reason for the "Red Earth" grape production reduction.

In response to these problems, Liu Zhaoqiang suggested that fruit farmers should remedy the following two aspects: First, improve soil structure, appropriate application of organic fertilizer, and enhance the ability of fruit trees to resist heavy duplication. Second, the use of organic nutritional supplements that balance plant vegetative growth and reproductive growth, such as "Difeng Tianlu", etc., to improve the organic nutrient level of plants, balance the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, protect the healthy growth of plants, and make weak The tree is revived and solves the problem of the size of the fruit trees.






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