Suzhou nanometer developed carbon nanotube array Schottky solar cells

The team of Li Qingwen, a researcher at the Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology and Nanobionics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently announced the latest development of nanotube array photovoltaic cells. The team adopted a carbon nanotube film directly drawn from a spinnable carbon nanotube array as a transparent electrode. Photovoltaic cells with an efficiency of 10.5% have been produced and the results have been published in a special issue of the new Small Magazine.

According to materials views views website, Schottky photovoltaic cells can be obtained by transferring a specific conductive film onto a silicon surface. When light is irradiated on such a battery device, the photoelectron hole pair separates the junction region (also called a Schottky junction) formed between the conductive film and silicon to achieve photoelectric conversion. Compared with the traditional silicon battery, the preparation process of the hybrid battery is greatly simplified, so it is expected to significantly reduce the cost of the silicon-based photovoltaic device. Among them, carbon nanotube films have received extensive attention in the development of high-performance photovoltaic devices because of their low surface resistance, easily modulated transmittance, and high environmental stability.

Researcher Li Qingwen stated that because of the excellent structural uniformity, transparency, and electrical properties of the array films, the "simply thinking" and "being successful" have undergone a relatively smooth development process. The initial device conversion efficiency was about 6%. She said: "In order to further optimize the experimental structure and understand the effect of carbon nanotube structure on device performance, we have made a lot of attempts. On the one hand, we compared the effect of oriented double-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes on device performance. It was found that the performance of double-walled carbon nanotubes was the best. On the other hand, the importance of the orientation structure for optimizing cell performance was also compared. It was found that the easily collapsing double-walled structure and orientation of the carbon nano-arrangement favored the carbon nanotubes. A large contact area is formed between silicon and a transmission path which provides a shortcut for photo-generated charge, which is advantageous to increase the separation efficiency of photo-generated charge and the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the device."

In order to further improve the efficiency and working stability of this type of battery, researchers in this field need to understand and regulate the interface between carbon nanotubes and silicon. If there is only a physical lap between carbon nanotubes and silicon, It will reduce the collection efficiency of photogenerated charge; secondly, it will further improve the quality and conductivity of carbon nanotubes, such as reducing the defects in carbon nanotubes, realizing the controllable structure of carbon nanotubes, and then regulating their electrical properties. This will affect the device. The performance of the play a great promotion.

Finally, the researcher Li Qingwen stated that “Dr. Jiangjiang Jiang designed and completed most of the experiments for this work, and he was strongly supported by researchers Zheng Xinhe and Professor Sun Baoquan of Suzhou University in the optimization of device structure and data analysis. All the authors participated in the study. The data analysis and discussion of the work and the revision of the paper."

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