Voltage tester voltage test range and instructions for use


1. Voltage test range: AC0-1.5KV/5KV±5%±5 words 2. Leakage current test range: ACO.1mA-2mA/20mA second gear ±5%±2 words 3. Leakage current alarm value Preset range ACO.1mA-2mA/20mA second gear 4. Time test range: 1-90s, ±5% Continuous setting and manual 5. Transformer capacity: 500VA

6. Output waveform: 50Hz, sine wave 7. Working conditions: Ambient temperature 0-40°C

8. Relative humidity: no more than 75%

9. Atmospheric pressure: 101.25 Kpa

10. Volume: 320×250×170

11. Weight: 13Kg

12. Power supply: 220V±10%50Hz±2Hz

13 Accessories: A pair of high-voltage test probes, a copy of the instrument's instruction manual, and a cable
Instructions for use:

When operating the ZHZ8 type voltage tester, the operator must wear rubber insulating gloves, seats, and rubber insulation pads on the feet! Only when the test lamp is extinguished and there is no high voltage output state can the test product be connected or disassembled!

1. The connection to the measured object is to confirm that the voltmeter indication is "0", the test light is extinguished, and the ground wire is connected.

2. Set the test voltage required value.

3. Set the required value for the leakage current test.

A) Press "PRESET".

B) Select the required leakage current value of the desired current range file C).

4. Manual test A) Set the timer to the “manual” position, press “Start”, the test light is on, and turn the voltage adjustment knob to the required instruction value. B) After the test is completed, press the “Reset” button after adjusting the voltage to the initial position. The voltage output will be cut off and the test lamp will be off. At this time, the measured object is qualified.

C) If the measured object exceeds the specified leakage current value, the measuring instrument will automatically cut off the output voltage, and at the same time, the buzzer will alarm and the ultra-leakage indicator will light up. At this time, the measured object is unqualified. Press “Reset” to clear the alarm sound. .

5. Timing test A) Set the timing to “Timed” position, dial the time preset dial, and set the required test time.

B) Press the "Start" button to adjust the voltage to the desired test value.

C) At this time, the test voltage is cut off and the test object is qualified. If the measured object exceeds the specified leakage current value, the time is not reached, the ultra-light leakage lamp is on, the buzzer alarms, and the measured object is unqualified. Parametric reference: http://. . Com

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