Yitian integrated stove tells you why you should buy an integrated stove

Yitian integrated stove tells you:

Integrated stove Compared with the traditional three-piece kitchen set, although it is slightly inferior in price, the integrated stove integrates multiple functions into one. The functions of an integrated stove are equivalent to five different kitchen utensils. In comparison, in terms of price, the traditional kitchen three-piece set plus the oven steamer, etc., is not much different for an integrated stove with complete functions. In this case, in addition to the functional advantages, the integrated stove still has many advantages that the traditional three-piece kitchen can't match.

Thorough fume removal efficiency

Compared with the general range hood, the integrated stove has a high efficiency of removing smoke. The biggest difference with the range hood is that the range hood of the integrated stove is underneath. According to the principle of micro aerodynamics, it generates a strong suction force, so that the range hood can be discharged quickly. . According to the feedback obtained by many users after one year of use, there is basically no oil stains around the kitchen. At this critical point, integrated stoves have an absolute advantage, which is why more and more people choose integrated stoves.
Smarter and safer

Although the kitchen three-piece set is called a three-piece set, it is still an independent entity and has no relationship with each other. The integrated stove integrates all functions and becomes a tightly integrated whole. The interaction between various components, such as when the flame is accidentally turned off, the integrated stove will automatically close the valve to prevent the gas from continuously leaking, allowing you to cook while watching the drama at ease. One-key linkage function, the system will automatically detect after ignition, and will automatically run the fan, light box motor, LED light when receiving the signal, easy to operate, worry and effort.
Free up space, the first choice for DIY kitchens

Because the integrated stove has the air outlet at the bottom, the place where the top was originally occupied by the range hood is released, which not only avoids the fear of hitting the head, but also releases a large area, which can be modified at will according to the owner's mood. And most brands of integrated stoves have a top storage table, where you can place a variety of seasonings, miso sauce and the like, and use different flavors of sauce to match different cuisines!
Although cheap things are affordable, they are also more prone to mistakes. On the contrary, things with high prices are high-end and durable. After comprehensive calculation, the integrated stove is selected in one step, which is the first choice for more economical and comfortable life. If you are decorating the kitchen, don't miss the integrated stove!

The above content is provided by Yitian integrated stove. If you buy an integrated stove, you will choose Yitian integrated stove !

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