Foshan Chancheng stainless steel industry planning to high-end development

On April 20th, the “Foshan Chancheng National Science and Technology Progress Demonstration Zone Construction and Development Plan” was reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Foshan City. According to this plan, in 2012, Chancheng will be basically built into the National Science and Technology Progress Demonstration Zone, and the main indicators of scientific and technological innovation will rank among the advanced counties in the country.
The "Planning" pointed out that the construction of the demonstration zone should take the construction of the Guangdong Province modern industrial system science and technology demonstration zone as a breakthrough, and play a leading role in independent innovation in the three fields of modern service industry, high-tech industry and advanced manufacturing, and promote the modern industrial system. Speed ​​up formation.
Chancheng builds a modern industrial system technology demonstration project, including the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as stainless steel. As far as the stainless steel industry is concerned, on the basis of the introduction of three national key testing laboratories, the “Planning” pointed out that it will introduce the supporting services of modern service industries such as design, logistics, technology and R&D to make the stainless steel industry develop to the high end. At the same time, we will focus on supporting one or two high-quality stainless steel enterprises and create their own brands.

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