How to fertilize osmanthus?

In spring and early summer, in order to promote the germination of sweet-scented osmanthus , liquid fertilizer based on decomposed nitrogen is applied every 10 days. After July, fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium should be applied, and liquid fertilizer of decomposed chicken and duck manure should be applied every 10 days to promote flower bud growth and flowering. During the flowering period, the amount of fertilizer should be reduced, and the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied once every half month. After flowering, the plant nutrient consumption is very large. In order to supplement the nutrients, it can be applied to the rotten pig manure once, and the sweet-scented osmanthus is poured with the manure from the pig manure, which contributes to the vigorous growth of the sweet-scented osmanthus and the flowering. Pre-watering a higher concentration of "wintering fertilizer" before the winter, to enhance the ability to winter and cold. When osmanthus is watered, the principle of seeing dryness should be adhered to. Generally , water is watered every 4 to 5 days in spring . In summer, it is long-term, cinnamon, high temperature, easy to dry soil, watering enough, watering once a day. Do not pour the atmosphere during the flowering period, otherwise it is easy to fall. Avoid water in the basin to prevent rotten roots. Watering is properly controlled in the fall . Watering in winter, the water temperature should be close to room temperature.

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