How is the quality of the sinks in Kabe how to choose a quality sink

I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with this brand of Cabee. So, how about the quality of the sink ? How to choose a quality sink? The Kaibei brand's reputation for sink products is really good, and the outside world is highly praised for it. With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of the decoration, more and more people began to pay attention to and install the Kabe sink. For the first time to purchase the Kaiba sink friends, it is inevitable that there are questions about the quality of the sink . Don't worry. Next, let me explain to you the knowledge of Kappe sinks.

How about the quality of the sinks in Cabernet - Introduction

Strict implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system, experienced R & D team and strong financial strength of the existing sales network of more than 1,000, covering all major cities in the country and exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.

How about the quality of the sinks in Kaibae - the advantages of Kaibae sink

Circular sand: also known as soft silk, uniform texture, soft light, high level of technology, is the company's most advantageous place.

Mercerizing: The industry is known as straight wire drawing, and its metal expression is extremely strong. Synchronized with Europe and the United States, relatively mature relative to the domestic industry.

Pearl silver surface: through the high-pressure jet, impact sink surface, and then through electrolysis, the surface to form a matte texture surface, and some called sandblasting.


How is the quality of the sinks?

One time molding: one stamping, no welding. Advantages: not easy to nourish bacteria; strong endurance.

Pure handicrafts: The earliest batch of imported pure hand-made, suitable for Chinese use, production volume and export volume among the nation's forefront.

How to choose a quality sink

1. Sink material: Features: anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, long service life, commonly used new, life of up to 30 years.

2. Welding process: bottom welding, butt welding, integral molding.

3. Sink depth: basin depth is about 18 to 24CM.

4. Surface treatment: sandblasting, drawing, pearl silver surface.

5. Underside spray: dry spray, oil spray, water spray.

6. Automatic control: pull-up, press-down, rotary.

7. Double flange: Large rounded corners, right angle flat edges, small R corners.

8. Launching accessories: The national standard water pipe should reach 50mm.

9. Patent trash: Above-table, under-counter, below-ground, sink.


Maintenance instructions

1, clean immediately after use, wipe dry.

2. There is a sediment at the bottom, which can be removed with diluted vinegar.

3, can not be hard or rusted items in contact with the sink.

4. Do not leave rubber pans, wet sponges or tablets in the sink.

5. Pay attention to the potential harm of fluoride-containing household products to sinks.

6. Note that the gas released by bleach or chemical cleaners will corrode the bottom of the sink.

7. Photochemical components or iron flux should be flushed immediately after contact with the tank.

8, can not put acidic foods in the sink.

9, can not use rough objects to clean the sink.

10, the wrong method of use will cause damage to the sink.

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How about the quality of the sink