Pear tree rot disease

The pathogen of pear rot disease is overwintered in the stems and stems of the pear tree by the mycelium, conidia and ascospores. In early spring, ascospores or conidia are formed, which are spread by wind and rain, causing new infection. Spring is a period of rot disease infection and rapid spread of disease spots, which stops expanding in summer and reactivates in autumn. As a result, the management of the prime period is not good, the tree is weak, and the water and fertilizer are insufficient.

Control method

1. Newly built pear gardens should be strengthened to manage and select suitable varieties suitable for disease cultivation in the region. Scientific fertilization and watering, adding organic fertilizer, appropriate amount of thinning and thinning fruit, in order to enhance the tree potential and improve the disease resistance of pear trees.

2, in conjunction with autumn pear tree pruning, the dead tissue, diseased fruit table, dry pile, sick cut and other diseased tissue should be cut off to reduce the source of infection. The whole garden sprays the tree guard general, disinfects and frosts, and hinders the overwintering virus from spreading in the tree.

3, carefully check, found that the lesions were scraped in time. When scraping, pay attention to the smooth edge, scrape 0.5 to 1 cm outside the lesion, and it is fusiform, so that the wound can heal quickly. After the scraping, the wound is applied to the general manager to protect the wound from healing.

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