How toilet toilet water does not come in solution

The use of a toilet is a bathroom in every external place, as well as essential appliances in the domestic bathroom, and the toilet may have some malfunctions in the long-term use. For example, if the toilet suddenly fails to catch water or if the toilet is full of water, then let's take a look at how the toilet is not watered and how the toilet is not watered.

What is wrong with the toilet?

1, the toilet is generally used in the home than the pit is used more frequently, because the toilet can make us easier and more convenient to use, there are many advantages, but there will be some disadvantages. For example, what is the reason why the toilet is not on the water? The new toilet may also have this kind of problem in the case of a small chance. You can look at the Sheung Shui system, and then there is no valve installed when you look at the toilet decoration.

2, if you are inspecting the valve is not a problem, then we can look at the situation of other cold water, such as wash tanks, for fear of unprofessional hydraulic pipeline when there is a problem, if The problem with the pipeline may be more troublesome. If it is the old one, it may be a problem with the Sheung Shui system. Repair it.

3. Finally, there is a way to check the reason why the toilet is not on the water. After the toilet lid is covered, take a look at whether the inlet valve and the button can be topped. If you can adjust the position, look at the float and the float. The ball is not moving up and down. If you can't get into the water, turn on the switch on the buoy clockwise. If the float ball is floating, it means that the water inlet is blocked. If the tank is filled with water, you can see if the pontoon floats. If you can solve the water problem easily.

Solve the toilet not to water solution

1, in fact, our toilet has not shown the reasons for the water, and the reason that the faucet is not water is the same problem, if it is a relatively good toilet, there is a filter inside the water filter, the filter time is too long Scale blockages make tap water inaccessible. Then the filter can be removed and cleaned. The valve on the hose connected to the water tank is closed, and the water will be sprayed in a short time. Then flush the toilet and drain the remaining water from the tank water.

2. Now we must first prepare some repair tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers and the like, and then look for the hex nut under the toilet with the hose for water, and the hose and the water tank. Connect the replenisher and turn the nut with a wrench. The upper part of the nut has the same position as the nut and it is also unscrewed. After two processes, the hydrant can be taken out of the toilet.

3. Finally, after we get down the white water dispenser, there will be a small square column in the middle of the tube, and then use the needle nose pliers we prepared to pull it out. You can see the small square column and the filter out together. With the exception of the scale cleaner and blisters for a while, the filter is particularly clean. It is also possible to pour the mixture into some water replenishing devices and to remove the limescale from the inside of the replenishing device.

Summary: The information on how the toilet does not get watered and how to solve the problem that the toilet is not on the water is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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