Second-hand housing renovation steps which second-hand housing decoration considerations

At present, second-hand houses in many places have higher prices than new houses. The main reason is that the location is good and the surrounding facilities are relatively complete. Therefore, many people will also consider second-hand housing when they purchase a house. For second-hand housing, the most daunting is the second decoration, then what are the steps to second-hand housing decoration ? What are the precautions? In fact, the same steps in the renovation, the following small series for everyone to explain one by one.

Second-hand house renovation steps

1, housing acceptance and measurement design

Whether it is a new house or an old one, a thorough inspection is required when the keys are taken, and no quality problems can be accepted. This can also provide a comprehensive understanding of the house and identify problems in a timely manner. Make full use of and so on, after understanding the basic situation, allow the designer to measure on site and give suitable drawings.

2. Measurement and start-up procedures before construction

The measurement at this time is to make the material installation in the later period more accurate, such as the size of the bathroom, and suitable waterproof material can be laid according to this scale. The procedures to be handled are: residential property renovation agreement, handling of "work permit", handling pass for workers, payment of decoration deposit and garbage clearance freight, the relevant procedures can be started after the operation is completed.

3, install the security door and the main demolition change

In general, the door replacement is the first step, at least can have the effect of anti-theft, and the other is the partial wall demolition, usually need to be carried out in accordance with the drawings, remove the inappropriate wall or circuit to achieve Ideal effect.

4, hydropower reform, overall construction and inspection

At this time, it is mainly to replace some of the original aging wires or pipes, so as to ensure peace of mind in the later period. Afterwards, the overall construction is the largest one, including construction projects such as tiling, ceiling painting, carpentry, and cement work. Inspect the house and check the construction results. If any problem is found, it must be promptly put forward and require rectification.

Second-hand housing decoration considerations

1. Randomly demolishing the structure causes the wall to collapse

Everyone has different plans for his own house, but he must pay attention to understanding the structure of the wall of the house. Usually, the multi-storey residential building is generally a brick-concrete structure. The wall is a load-bearing anti-vibration component. If the load is removed to expand the space, The wall will weaken the load-bearing capacity and seismic resistance of the wall components, leaving potential safety hazards. In addition, there are problems such as wall cracking, collapse, and circuit failure. Note: When buying a second-hand house, it is best to ask for the floor plan and decoration drawings before, so as to understand what is the bearing wall, where there is a route, and on this basis, demolition and reform. If you don’t understand the structure, it’s best not to dismantle it. You can change the style of the house with some decorations.

2, leaking toilets cause neighbors to complain

Waterproofing has a certain warranty period. It is normal for leaks to occur for a long time. Therefore, Xiaobian hopes that we will conduct a comprehensive water-sealing test before moving into a second-hand house. We can understand the waterproof condition, but we must fight with our neighbors in advance. If you really leak water, it is easy to get the understanding and cooperation of your neighbors. If there is a leak, then you must re-waterproof and then tile.

Summary: The above is Xiaobian today brings you the second-hand house decoration process related knowledge, I believe that my friends have a certain understanding, the second-hand housing decoration steps we can refer to, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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