In which market areas can biometrics shine?

HC Security Network News from fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition and then, voiceprint recognition, biometric technology and its commercial application development has more than 30 years, with the increase in applications, rich application scenarios, and finally turned quickly Development model, we finally saw the spring of commercial application of biometric technology.

According to TransparencyMarketResearch, the biometrics market will reach $23.3 billion over the next five years. From 2013 to 2019, the global biometrics market will grow at a rate of 20.8% per year.

In China, according to research by relevant institutions, the average annual growth rate of China's biometrics market has exceeded 60% in the past few years. In 2015, the size of the biometrics market broke through the 10 billion mark. The industry expects that by 2020, the scale of the biometric market will be Breaking through 30 billion yuan, the prospect of the biometrics market is promising.


Biometric recognition applications

The application fields of biometric technology are mainly divided into two aspects: traditional market and emerging market. The traditional market is mainly in the attendance market, door lock market, access control market, mobile phone market and other fields.

1. Attendance market

The attendance market is the most traditional and well-known market for biometrics, and it is currently one of the main application areas of biometrics. The traditional attendance market is almost dominated by fingerprint recognition technology. However, with the development of other biometric technologies, this situation is slowly changing. For example, face recognition relies on its non-contact and long-distance advantages, vein recognition. With its non-contact advantages, it has gradually entered the attendance market. It is reported that the current capacity of this market has reached the scale of nearly one billion yuan per year.

2, the door lock market

Door locks are the first application of biometrics to enter the mass consumer market. After years of development, the market's acceptance of it has also increased year by year. In particular, in recent years, smart door locks using biometric technology have slowly begun to replace traditional locks. According to a data from 2015, more than 56.3% of the real estate companies represented by Vanke and Poly Real Estate have developed smart door locks. According to statistics, more than 80% of urban users in China have the need to install smart door locks. Therefore, the overall market size of smart door locks exceeds 300 billion yuan. Intelligent door lock products mainly focus on fingerprint recognition and face recognition. Many safes also use biometric locks.

3, building intercom market

The building intercom industry is a relatively special field in the security industry. For a long time, the degree of informatization of building intercom has been at a relatively low level; at the same time, the gross profit margin of products is relatively low. In recent years, the development of smart communities has put forward higher requirements for the building intercom industry, and low-level intercom products cannot meet the needs of smart community construction. It requires a smarter building intercom system, which brings market opportunities to the combination of biometrics and building intercom. At present, many building intercom companies have aggressively entered the field of biometrics and are committed to developing building intercom products that combine biometrics.

4. Consumer product market

The consumer products market is mainly represented by mobile devices such as mobile phones. In the past two years, the new mobile phones released by major mobile phone companies have launched products and applications with biometric functions. It seems that mobile phones without fingerprint recognition or iris recognition technology cannot. Like the listing, their annual shipments are tens of millions. The rapid spread of smartphones has greatly promoted the outbreak of the biometric industry.

In addition, face recognition payment, fingerprint recognition payment, etc. represented by Alipay, etc. are also huge application fields of biometric technology.

Emerging application areas

In addition to the traditional application fields mentioned above, with the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, biometric identification technology has also achieved considerable development in recent years, and it has brought a broader application space.

1. Application in security field

Biometric technology is a hot technology in the security industry, and the heat in the industry continues to heat up. In the near future, the market potential of biometrics in the security industry is enormous.

Especially in the field of intelligent monitoring. At present, the application market represented by face recognition and human behavior recognition is growing. Many security companies have invested a lot of manpower and resources in the field of biometrics, and some companies have achieved a lot of results.

2. A series of markets brought by real-name system

Before the Spring Festival, the “face recognition channel” of stations such as Beijing West Railway Station was a brushed feeling. During the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, you must pass the certification of the person and the person before you stay at the hotel. As the country's requirements for real-name systems are getting higher and higher, biometrics, a technology that can prove that you are unique, will surely win the favor of relevant government departments.

3. Other fields

In fact, with the development of biometrics, the application of biometrics is by no means limited to the areas mentioned above. Everything that needs to be authenticated and identified will be included in the market for biometrics. For example, in the fields of finance, medical care, education, transportation, social security, etc., there is a very broad application space, so the market potential of biometrics technology is incalculable.

Biometric security is questioned

As we all know, biometric technology has recently brushed everyone's screen, but this time it is not because of good things. But because this year's 315 nights will hit the face of biometric recognition. At the 315 party, the host took a self-portrait from the network and used the simple image processing and dynamic synthesis technology to synthesize the network face onto the prepared video, covering the face of the original video. Some software that uses face recognition as authentication information.

For the time being, no matter what the 315 party and later some companies responded to, what is wrong. From the point of view of 315 fake biometric identification technology, there are two problems that require the company to pay attention to.

The first problem is that even from a purely technical level, all kinds of biometric technologies have certain security risks, not to mention the balance of the experience in the actual application process, which leads to the safety of biometric technology in commercial applications. Sex does have to be improved.

The second problem is more serious than the first one, that is, consumers do not believe in biometrics. We know that the improvement of the safety of biometric technology can be improved through multiple technical means, etc., but for the development of a market, the trust of consumers is the basic condition, if consumers are suspicious of technology or products. Negotiation, then it is fatal to the market development.

HC Security Network Summary

With the need for security and many social activities, biometrics are evolving at an increasing rate. The superiority of biometric technology is obvious to all, and its future market is immeasurable. However, the development of the biometrics market is not only good news, technical loopholes and social suspicion of biometrics, bringing some unknown variables and challenges to the development of the biometrics market.

Editor in charge: Zhong Juanjuan

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