Sewing machine mounting bearing details can not be ignored

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Sewing machine mounting bearing details can not be ignored

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The sewing machine is installed after initial installation or overhaul; it has a great influence on the function of the equipment. The sewing machine with poor installation quality; low precision, poor function, large static and dynamic, heavy torque, short life; opposite; for some parts with low precision; Careful selection and installation and accurate adjustment; still able to install better functioning equipment.
During the installation process; some links are easily ignored; often have a significant impact on the quality of the installation; demand to pay attention.
First, we must ensure the hygiene of parts and components through careful finishing and cleaning; ensure the sanitation of sewing machine parts; it is the basis for ensuring the installation quality and extending the service life of the sewing machine. Unique to bushings, bearings, oil pumps, and rich in transition and swing cooperation parts. Parts; more careful finishing.
If various bearing components are installed, it is unsanitary; if it is light, the temperature of the bushing is too high and the driving torque is too heavy; when it is severe, the wear and tear will be accelerated due to the debris; the severe problem such as "bite" is presented.
2. Operate the parts of the sewing machine that have been disposed of by external appearance such as baking varnish, electroplating, etc.; the mounting joints (including holes, grooves, planes and screw holes) have adhesive layers; therefore, before installation; Parts must be in accordance with the skill requirements of the process; first finish; then enter the installation.
If the installation does not meet the technical requirements of the rules; the sewing machine can not work properly. The orientation between the parts and the organization is not correct; it also affects the sewing machine's working function.
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