Using Technology Innovation to Realize Enterprise Cost Control - Hanzhong Bayi Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.

In Hanzhong Zinc Industry Company, he met the general manager Hou Xiaoqiang. For three weeks, the first time I met, I always asked for warmth, and the consultation actually became a publicity issue for the company's electrolytic calcium and the purpose of this trip.
Director Guo Haijun expressed his sincere gratitude to Hou for his greetings and detailed the communication and business development between Hanzhong Special Materials and several leaders in the past. He hoped that the company will give its support. Waiting always made it clear that: The decision of the special material company is the decision of the zinc industry company, and hopes that the calcium promotion meeting (as it happens) and Hanzhong Special Materials will reach an early cooperation agreement on the publicity of the electrolytic calcium brand public relations. Stable marketization and customer awareness set off a broad road.
Afterwards, Mr. Hou had communicated on the issue of Zinc dust from Taiwan Steel, and he hoped that Director Guo would provide cooperation support. Director Guo joined the general manager of Taiwan Steel Union Fang Yanbin on the spot, and introduced the relevant situation of Hanzhong Zinc Industry. At the same time, the two leaders of Hanzhong Zinc and Taiwan Steel Union were directly involved in the exchanges and established a through train for the intention cooperation between the two parties.
Hanzhong Zinc currently has a zinc production capacity of 320,000 tons/year and is the second largest zinc producer in China. He always actively promotes the development of new zinc smelting processes and new technologies. He invited Mr. Gao Jun to the Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.; Mr. Gao Jun has made great breakthroughs in reducing the electrolytic zinc powder consumption and the wet smelting and zinc removal technology. The opening of the technology industrialization experiment further accelerates the experimentation and industrialization of the cost saving of domestic wet zinc smelting, and effectively promotes the process innovation and new technology development at both ends of purifying industrial production.


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