Anti-theft alarm system composition and technology development trend analysis

The composition of the anti-theft device

The anti-theft alarm system uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion that occurs in the deployment monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the on-duty personnel to place an alarm in the area where the countermeasures may be taken. The anti-theft alarm system is an important facility for preventing accidents such as robbery and theft.

In the event of an emergency, it is possible to accurately display the location of the incident in the security control center through the sound and light alarm signal, so that emergency measures can be taken promptly. The anti-theft alarm system and the entrance and exit control system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, visitor intercom system and electronic patrol system together constitute a security system.

Anti-theft alarm system is usually composed of three parts: detector (also called anti-theft alarm), transmission channel and alarm controller.

Alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing. It is used to detect intruder intrusion. The device consisting of electronic and mechanical components is the key to the anti-theft alarm system. The sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. The use of different principles of the sensor components, can constitute different types, different uses, to achieve different detection purposes of the alarm detection device.

(1) Alarm detectors can be divided into infrared alarm detectors, microwave alarm detectors, passive infrared/microwave alarm detectors, glass broken alarm detectors, vibration alarm detectors, ultrasonic alarm detectors, laser alarm detection according to the working principle. , magnetic switch alarm detectors, switch alarm detectors, video motion detection alarms, sound detectors and many other types.

(2) Alarm detectors can be classified into active alarm detectors and passive alarm detectors according to their working methods.

(3) Alarm detectors can be classified into point-controlled alarm detectors, line-controlled alarm detectors, surface-controlled alarm detectors, and space-prevention alarm detectors according to different detection ranges.

In addition to the above distinctions, there are other ways of dividing. In practical applications, different types of alarm detectors can be reasonably selected to meet different security requirements according to different usage conditions.

The alarm detector is used as a sensor detection device to detect the intruder's intrusion behavior and various abnormal conditions. There are many places where security precautions are required in various smart buildings and ordinary buildings. These sites also have various safety precautions and requirements depending on the actual situation. Therefore, a variety of alarm detectors are required to meet different security requirements.

Technology development trend

According to the actual site environment and the user's security requirements, a reasonable selection and installation of various alarm detectors can better achieve the purpose of security. When choosing and installing an alarm detector is not appropriate, there may be loopholes in security precautions, failing to meet the strictness of security precautions and creating an opportunity for intruders, thus bringing undue losses to the security protection work.

Alarm detectors require tamper-proof and vandal-proof functions. When the alarm detector is damaged, people short-circuit or open circuit their transmission lines, and they illegally attempt to open their protective covers, they should all be able to generate alarm signals; in addition, the alarm detectors should also have certain anti-jamming measures to prevent all kinds of errors. The phenomenon of newspapers, such as: prevention of pets and pet harassment, resistance to false positives due to changes in environmental conditions, etc.

The sensitivity and reliability of the alarm detectors influence each other. Reasonably selecting the detection sensitivity of the alarm detector and adopting different measures against external interference can improve the performance of the alarm detector. The use of different anti-jamming measures determines the performance of the alarm detector in different environments. Understand the performance and characteristics of various alarm detectors. According to different use environments, rational allocation of different alarm detectors is the key link of an anti-theft alarm system.

Digitization, wirelessization, and integration are the technological development trends of anti-theft alarm systems. In order to meet the requirements of China's accession to the WTO/TBT (Technical Barrier Trade Agreement), the current anti-theft alarm products must pass 3C certification. With the new products introduced by many manufacturers this year, it is not difficult to find the technical development trend of anti-theft alarm products:

1, more stable / reliable: If the detector needs to be resistant to RFI / EMI, lightning protection, etc., to adapt to harsh climate;

2, more kinds of functions: such as the detector adjustable frequency, anti-blocking, anti-spray cover, anti-damage, etc.;

3, more exquisite, compact appearance: in order to meet the increasing taste of interior decoration needs;

4, more intelligent design: easy to set / disarm, user-friendly operation interface;

5, more powerful networking features;

6, more convenient expansion.

The above trends are in fact based on the three core technologies of digitalization, wirelessization, and integration.

In general, with the development trend of anti-theft alarm products in 2005, product technology will strive to break through under the premise of digitization, wirelessization, and integration. In the application market, we will move in a more detailed direction - for different markets, introduce different products. Taking the application of the fastest-growing residential community as an example, some manufacturers stated that the directional curtain + anti-pet detector designed for residential communities has low cost, simple installation, wireless network alarm system suitable for home use, and intelligent community Security + alarm integration system products will be the highlights. In addition to the indoor/outdoor applications of residential quarters and commercial buildings, outdoor applications such as airports, docks, farms, mines, and oil fields are still waiting for manufacturers to expand.

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