Imperfect Five Home Defects Solution

Most of the houses we purchase have “regrets” in some respects and do not meet the perfect standards in our hearts, such as poor lighting and low-rise floors in bathrooms. What should we do when we encounter these problems? Xiao Bian wants to remind you that don't be too impatient. There are more ways than problems. The following Xiao Bian will support you.

First, exposed beams

Reduce indoor ceiling height

The prominent house beams on the top of the house not only affect the overall appearance of the room, but also are a major problem in the decoration. When this kind of problem was encountered, many owners felt that Liang Liang had affected the indoor ceiling, so they tried to remove the beam. The designer pointed out that because most of the beams are load-bearing structures, arbitrarily demolition may cause security risks, so it is almost impossible to let the beam “disappear”. However, the clever design can hide the beams.

Transformation method

The shape of the beam is varied, so it should be rationally designed according to the conditions of the room. If the top is a flat space, you can use the ceiling to conceal it; if it is a diagonal or irregular beam, it should generally be adapted to the local conditions, combined with the specific circumstances; if it is multi-beam, you can adopt an overall sense of space And sense of color to achieve coordination and unity. The beamed rooms are perfect for a relaxed, natural pastoral style.

Second, "L" type

Easy to form narrow channels

This type of apartment is usually located in the corner of the tower. Compared to the Founder's, this type of apartment is more like a missing "L". It is easy to form a narrow channel, resulting in some space being wasted, especially in the living space. The walkway is almost impossible to use. In this way, it will make the original irregular space look more no sense of space, but also directly affect the furniture with the placement.

Transformation method

Irregular space should be divided on this route according to the route that people walk into the aisle. For narrow walkways, if the decorative style is relatively well-defined, the aisle can be combined with the top and wall decorations to make the walkway a unique decorative space. For example, making a photo wall or a pictorial wall is a popular decorative method. The corner of the "L" apartment can also be designed as a storage space to solve the problem of inadequate storage function in the living room.

Third, the master bedroom and bathroom

Difficult to use

In some units, the main bedroom and toilet are diagonally opposite or facing each other. This will also create a square space with an area of ​​not less than 4 or 5 square meters. In this space, two to three flats may appear at the same time. Open the door and make the space seem crowded.

Transformation method

As far as possible, the swing door is replaced with a sliding door, so that the space becomes brighter. If the wall can be used, it can be designed as an in-line storage space and store the daily necessities needed for the toilet. If the area of ​​the space is only one or two square meters, you should try to leave the space blank.

Fourth, walk-in toilet

Light difference

In some small units, the area of ​​toilets and kitchens is very small. Many narrow and long-sized toilets are basically dark and have no natural lighting. At the same time, they also affect the ventilation of the toilets, making the bathrooms cold in winter and wet in summer.

Transformation method

The narrow bathroom is easy to distinguish between wet and dry. Separate the dry area from the wet area as much as possible to reduce the moisture in the bathroom. The dry and wet areas can be separated by sliding doors, which not only take up space but also block water vapor. The wet area should incorporate a more powerful dehumidification and lighting system to compensate for its lack of congenital lighting.

Fifth, layer height

Bad room lighting

The lack of storey height is a problem that can occur in many apartment types. Once the floor is low, it may lead to insufficient lighting, causing indoor space to become depressing and dark, and even affect people’s feelings of living.

Transformation method

The strong contrast of color can stretch the visual effect of space. In the poor lighting of the room, it is better to use a bright basic tone and a dark color block in some places. In addition, some ceilings can be made locally to create a layered feeling, resulting in a visually high contrast. In order to enhance the sense of space, it is also considered to set up a main light, surrounded by hanging type lamps, to form a local feeling of high and low patchwork.

Decoration construction knowledge

Welding Neck Flange


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These Welding Neck Flange are bored to match the inside diameter of the mating pipe or fitting so there will be no restriction of product flow. This prevents turbulence at the joint and reduces erosion. They also provide excellent stress distribution through the tapered hub and are easilyradiographedfor flaw detection.

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