The feng shui precautions for the door-to-window that must be seen before choosing a house

If you choose a house according to Feng Shui, you have to pay attention to the attention of the door and window, especially when the door is facing the window. What is the feng shui effect when the door is facing the window? Before you choose the house, you can understand the connotation of the door and window feng shui and related feng shui knowledge. Choosing a beautiful home will have a tremendous impact and effect.

The door and window feng shui belongs to the house feng shui. The in-depth analysis of the door and window feng shui of the house before the house selection will be beneficial to the choice of the house type. The following article is a detailed explanation of the door-to-window feng shui considerations.

First, the door to the window feng shui caused the cause is not smooth

The general residential gate is the only passageway for the whole family to enter and exit. Of course, it is also the place where the outdoor indoor air meets each other. If the door orientation of the house is properly selected, it can promote the career of the owner or the development prospect of the family. The "luck" entering from outside the door certainly needs to be stabilized in the home, and it can no longer be lost. Therefore, the door-to-window at this time is extremely unsuitable in the wind and water. The money entering from the gate must not be taken from the window. Slip away, otherwise it will affect the career development of the owner. However, if you want to resolve the influence of the door on the window feng shui and this unlucky layout, you can also seal the window or cover it with curtains to prevent the window from being ventilated.

Second, beware of breaking money

The relatives of the doors and windows will definitely create a "wearing style". The wind will have an important damage to the health of the family, especially the door and window are not closed in real time. It poses a threat to the health of the owner and his family. In ancient times, there was a cloud: The place can't sleep. If it is in the bedroom, the door and window will make the owner feel the wind at the rest, which will easily induce various physical diseases, which will indirectly lead to the loss of money. Therefore, the door-to-window will lead to the family. Breaking the money.

Third, choose the appropriate partition

The door-to-window feng shui will inevitably have a bad influence on the home. Therefore, in order to resolve the door and window feng shui, many families will choose to cut off to ease, but the selected partitions should also pay attention to it. For example, some screens will be used as partitions, but screen partitions. There should be no auspicious patterns or colors on the screen. The common screen partition is the partition of the solid wood screen. The partition between the material and the finish is not only beautiful, but also conforms to the principle of feng shui of doors and windows. Of course, if you use the wardrobe as a proper partition design in the bedroom, on the professional website that teaches the feng shui method, we can find the ingenious design of the wardrobe partition in the bedroom decoration renderings, and also solve the problem. Door and window feng shui.

Before you know the door and window feng shui before you choose a house, you should not panic when faced with the feng shui conflict between the doors and windows. Take some urgent measures to resolve the influence of the door on the window feng shui. For example, planting potted plants or flowers around the doors and windows can stimulate the vitality of the entire living room and bring more agility to the home. There are not many precautions about the feng shui of the doors and windows. The main thing to do is to maintain the isolation between the doors and windows and the partition design between the doors and windows, so that you can gain professional knowledge of house feng shui.

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