Bathroom hardware industry is caught in the development cycle

Bathroom hardware industry is caught in the development cycle Under the drive of China’s economic expressway into the high-speed track, the hardware industry has ushered in rapid development. However, due to low industry barriers and low investment requirements, home-plant enterprises have blossomed everywhere, and hardware production lines have risen everywhere. Inflation triggered a disorderly competition between brands. In order to seize market share, companies pressed each other's prices, desperately strangled, and war began.

Nowadays, there are many circles in the industry and the hardware industry is no exception. At present, there are some problems in the domestic kitchen and toilet industry that hinder the healthy development of the industry:

The first one is small and full. Now that we have embarked on a strange cycle, kitchen and toilet companies will have to do nothing. After they do it, they have to do everything. The production leader, but also the production of ceramic sanitary ware, but also the production of shower room. Today's bathroom products will be tomorrow's kitchen products.

The all-around development strategy is not suitable for every enterprise, especially the small enterprises with weaker capabilities. Too large a stall often means that there is no way to do a specific field of refinement, and even each product category is completely featureless. Can't take it. This is not conducive to the promotion of the entire industry, nor is it conducive to competition with similar foreign companies.

The second is the lack of technological development. There are fewer products that have intellectual property rights and fewer products that can compete with the international market. No matter what kind of products our kitchen and bath products can really come out to compete with big foreign companies or international companies, there are few. The production cycle of local companies is generally relatively short. Indeed, foreign countries have been a hundred years of history, and we have kitchen and toilet products after reform and opening up. In the past, there were few sets of kitchen and toilet products in the residents' homes. Later, the residential design had a bathroom and a kitchen room became a suite. There are even two or three toilets in the large units. With respect to the ever-changing housing design, the time and degree of development of kitchen and toilet companies are not enough. Therefore, we must vigorously promote the industrialization of kitchen and toilet and the development of kitchen and toilet technology.

Third: In terms of function and appearance, industrial design is relatively backward. Industrial design is related to people's living habits and maximum use of product features. The backwardness of industrial design is more intrinsic to the entire nation, and less emphasis is placed on appearance. Now that some domestic associations and organizations have already introduced industrial design awards, it should be a boost. Industrial design, the kitchen and toilet industry to do a lot of work, because kitchen and toilet product requirements, space, industrial design needs to continue to strengthen.

Fourth: The surface quality of the product needs to be improved. This is the most prominent problem in the local kitchen and toilet products, and it is also the biggest gap between foreign and domestic products. The imperfection of surface quality has a lot to do with the short-term, impetuous mentality of many companies. And our requirements in testing are not high enough. For example, the Weibo faucet in Germany, the minimum test requirement is 108 hours, is three times the domestic similar products. Therefore, after a period of use, it will feel that China's leading surface is always not bright abroad. Optimistic is that in recent years many manufacturers have made considerable progress in surface treatment.

Although the domestic sanitary ware industry has achieved remarkable results in the past 30 years, we must not overlook the gap with the international advanced level. Discussions on the development of the national sanitary ware industry have often come to the forefront and have caused everyone in the industry to express their opinions.

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Repeater Box Process flow chart
3D drawing analysis→material purchase→rough machine core & cav→finish machine core & cav→machine electrodes→heat treatment→linear cutting cavities→EDM cavities→machine mould base→polish→assembly→mould test.

Repeater Case
1) Product Material: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and aluminum profile
2) Surface Treatment: chrome plating, sandblasting, painting, anodizing, powder coating, electrophoresis.
3) Suitable for communications, auto parts,lamp part series, water pump part series, power tool series, radiator part series, anti-static flooring products and Other Series Products.
4) Whole process is done in house including: Tooling, Die casting, CNC machining, CNC milling, Stamping, Plastic injection, Painting and powder coating, Customized cub-assembly.

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6) Standard: ASTM BS JIN DIN etc
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