Biodegradable plastics are not the way to solve environmental hazards

[Jiuzhi Plastics News] " Biodegradable Plastics " is mistaken for the fact that these plastics can eventually be degraded in the environment and green is harmless, so people have little psychological burden when discarding such plastics. However, the facts are exactly the opposite of people's ideas. Biodegradable plastics do not degrade in the natural environment, and they cause persistent pollution to the environment, especially the marine environment. Therefore, the widespread use of products labeled with "biodegradable" labels does not significantly reduce the amount of waste entering the ocean or reduce the physical and chemical risks of plastics to the marine environment.
Biodegradable plastics sounds like a good idea, but the point is that these plastics are not actually degradable by biological means. Many things called biodegradable plastics do exceed the standards set by some international agencies, but this only means they can degrade at specific high temperatures.
The most commonly used plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, are not biodegradable in the ocean. The specific conditions required for the degradation of certain biodegradable polymers are almost impossible to achieve in marine environments. For example, these polymers need to be decomposed in industrial composts after long-term treatment at temperatures above 50 °C. There are very few very special plastics that do miraculously degrade, but these plastics are seldom used and more expensive.
For example, oxygen-degradable plastics, which are rich in pro-oxidants, such as manganese, can promote the breakdown of plastic into pieces. The investigation found that the decomposition of oxygen-degradable plastics in the marine environment is quite slow and may take up to five years. Moreover, the degradation of oxygen-degradable plastics continues to pose a threat to marine ecosystems, and the resulting micro-plastic particles are ingested by marine organisms, causing the transport of harmful microorganisms, pathogens and algae.
Manufacturers should not use such labels on a product without clearly indicating what biodegradability means. For the solution of the environmental hazards that plastics may cause, biodegradable plastics are not the way out. The key is to change people's behavior. For those plastics that have already been used, we treat them as an initial use and as a resource. If you treat it as a resource, you will want to use it again or recycle it. But if you mix ordinary plastic with biodegradable plastic, it will affect recycling and recycling.

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