How to open smart door lock? Smart lock unlocking summary

Nowadays, the user's home has gradually entered the intelligent era from the beginning of the door lock. There are many kinds of smart door locks on the market, and there are many ways to unlock the door. Today Xiao Bian summed up the way to unlock the smart door lock, so that all users know how to open the smart door lock.

Smart door lock unlocking method - password unlocking

Password-type unlocking is more common in safe/safety and financial industry applications. To facilitate entry and exit, home users also use password-type door locks. Compared to traditional key locks, password locks are simpler to use and do not have to be used throughout the day. The key is on the body and the security is improved.


Smart door lock unlocking method — mobile phone local/remote unlocking

Driven by the intelligent wave, smart door locks also enter the consumer's field of vision, and can be unlocked locally or remotely through a mobile phone, and the application is simpler. If a friend arrives in the absence of a family member, they can remotely share the key to allow friends to enter the door in advance, thus avoiding the "indifferentness" in which traditional door locks are rejected. However, due to networking issues, it also creates safety concerns for consumers.

Smart lock unlocking method - swipe unlock

Compared with the traditional key unlocking, there are other unlocking methods, such as card-type unlocking. Hotels and offices are the most common. Hotels and enterprises and institutions generally use swipe-type door locks. When customers check-in, they will first be given a room card to go in and out of the hotel through the room card. The same is true for enterprises and institutions. On the first day of the new employee’s entry, they will also be given a staff card. Not only is the proof of the employee's identity, it is also a valid proof of the entrance to and exit from the unit.


Smart lock unlocking method - biometric type lock

With regard to biometric door locks, with the continuous development of life identification technology, the application of such door locks has also rapidly developed. Commonly, there are fingerprint recognition and face recognition. Such door locks are still common in enterprises and institutions. Because the swiping door lock is easy to cause attendance cheating, according to the uniqueness of the fingerprint and face, it is easier to accurately count employee attendance. With the improvement of the security needs of home users, such biometric door locks are gradually being applied to home users.

These unlocking methods of smart door locks fully embody the sense of science and technology, and at the same time greatly enhance family safety. If you want to buy a smart door lock, act quickly!

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