How about the 360 ​​smart camera?

As a 360 smart camera that focuses on home security functions, how do you get the favor of netizens? In the era of the Internet of Everything, good smart products are undoubtedly the main driving force for attracting fans of these advanced products, and economical and practical good things are in users. Naturally, it will be passed on from mouth to mouth. How about the 360 ​​smart camera? The following small series will come to answer you.

360 smart camera shipments
Good products are also inseparable from good after-sales support. For the needs of mass users, Security Xiaobian has also specially compiled and produced 360 common camera highlights and related solutions, hoping to help everyone.

1, 360 smart camera can do 360 smart camera is a smart camera connected to the mobile phone app through Wi-Fi connection network. With 360 smart cameras, you can remotely view and voice calls anytime, anywhere, and invite family members to watch and share happy moments.

2. Is the 360 ​​smart camera with a battery?
The 360 ​​smart camera itself does not have a battery and needs to be powered all the time. Not only can the power adapter and power cord (2.5 meters) in the product package be used for power supply, but also the general mobile power supply.

3, 360 smart camera how to install and install the precautions?
1) Download and install the app on the 360 ​​mobile assistant or 360 smart camera official website;
2) Turn on the power of the 360 ​​smart camera until the green light flashes;
3) Follow the 360 ​​smart camera phone app to add a camera process prompt to install.

● The thimble is lightly inserted into the configuration hole (SET button) to ensure that you hear a “click” sound;
● WiFi accounts do not support hiding SSIDs at this time;
● During the sound wave addition process, make sure that the surrounding environment is quiet and the volume of the mobile phone is turned up.

4. Which mobile phone systems does the 360 ​​smart camera client support?
360 smart camera client, support ios 7.0 and above system version, android 4.0 and above system version.

5. Can a 360 smart camera be viewed remotely? Must it be used in the same LAN?
The 360 ​​Smart Camera is a network product that needs to be used in a networked environment. The camera and client do not need to be on the same LAN. As long as the camera and client can connect to the Internet, the client can view the content captured by the camera from anywhere.

6. What are the requirements for 360-band smart cameras for network bandwidth?
360 smart camera real-time viewing currently has three modes: ultra clear, high definition, smooth;
View the real-time video in the ultra-clear mode. It is recommended that the upstream bandwidth of the network where the camera is located is 120KB/S (ADSL above 4M), and the downlink bandwidth of the network where the mobile phone is located is recommended to be 120KB/s.
View real-time video in HD mode. It is recommended that the upstream bandwidth of the network where the camera is located is 60KB/S (ADSL above 4M), and the downlink bandwidth of the network where the mobile phone is located is recommended to be 60KB/s.
View real-time video in smooth mode. It is recommended that the upstream bandwidth of the network where the camera is located is 30KB/S (ADSL above 1M), and the downlink bandwidth of the network where the mobile phone is located is recommended to be 30KB/s.
The client supports 3G and 4G networks. 3G networks need to use 3Gnet and 3Gwap is not supported.

7, 360 smart camera how to voice calls?
360 smart camera mobile phone app real-time viewing page, click the small speaker at the bottom left of the camera screen, you can hear the sound of the camera side; click the middle "press and hold" to open the intercom mode.

8, 360 smart camera can only be bound by an account? Want to see how to operate?
In order to ensure the security of the account, the 360 ​​smart camera can only be bound by one account, and the bound account is the administrator of the device.
In order to facilitate multi-person viewing, 360 smart camera developed a family sharing function: the administrator clicks on “Share with family” under the camera to share the link to family and friends through WeChat and other means. After installing 360 smart camera app for family and friends, follow the steps prompt and click “I want to accept”. The shared camera will automatically appear in the camera list of family and friends.

What is the meaning of the 9,360 smart camera indicator?
The green light is always on and the camera is on.
Green light flashes configuration status or camera offline
Blue light constantly on camera online
Blue light flashing video view

10. Why is the indicator light on the camera not lit?
In order for the camera light to not disturb your rest, we use ambient light detection technology, the indicator light will automatically go out when the camera is in a dim environment. (will be lit again when someone looks at it)

11,360 smart camera security is how to guarantee?
1) 360 smart camera, mobile APP and server use HTTPS mode for mutual authentication interaction to ensure user identity authentication security (user identity will not be hijacked)
2) The video data stream is transmitted by a private encryption protocol to ensure the security of the data stream transmission (the video stream is encrypted by the hacker)
3) User identity authentication and video streaming authentication separation, dual security authentication.
4) The top 360 security team in China has accumulated years of security experience and brought you financial level privacy protection.

12, 360 smart camera offline how to do?
Please check whether the power supply and network in the environment where the camera is located are normal.
Re-plug the power or reconfigure the 360 ​​Smart Camera.

13. Why is the 360 ​​smart camera feel hot?
360 smart camera's normal working temperature: -5 ~ 55 ° C, everyone long-term use of the camera, in this range are normal, please feel free to use.

14,360 smart camera voice prompts how to close?
Click the “Settings” button in the 360 ​​Smart Camera Mobile App and select the “Voice Tips” option to select the voice prompt you want to turn off.

How about the night vision function of the 15,360 smart camera?
The 360 ​​smart camera uses a low-light night vision that is non-radiative and does not hurt the eye. Only 0.3 lux of light can be used for normal imaging. (1lux = 1 candle light is brighter than 1 meter)

16. During the pairing process, “Select the WiFi to connect to the camera” interface, why can't I find the required wifi?
1) 360 smart camera only supports wireless routing 2.4Ghz band, please make sure that this band is available.
2) 360 smart camera does not support WIFI with hidden SSID, please make sure the router SSID is not set to hidden.
3) Some mobile phones that have been brushed by a third-party operating system will not be able to find wifi in the app during use. Please make sure that the mobile phone is using the original operating system.

17. Why does the phone and camera turn on the video in the same environment and there will be howling?
This is because the camera microphone repeatedly picks up the sound reproduced by the mobile phone speaker to form a positive feedback. This same-frequency sound signal causes the amplifying circuit to feedback and generate howling, which is a normal electro-acoustic phenomenon. Since the actual usage scenario of the product is remote viewing, and the mobile phone and the camera are not in the same environment, such howling will not occur. Avoid whistling if you use the suggestion to mute or lower the volume in the same environment.

How about the 360 ​​smart camera? good or not? I believe everyone knows about it after reading this article. Personally think that 360 smart cameras play a decisive role in home security, and in the future the market will be more and more popular among users.

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