[comprehensive] further interpretation of the meaning of wearing business wear

Originally, wearing a profession has a kind of mind-indicating effect. That is, it is now time for work. All your non-job related matters will be put down, and all the unpleasantness on the outside will be forgotten. You must devote your heart and soul to your work. Come. This kind of mental intimacy is very important and necessary. Let's go home and put on pajamas. It is very comfortable to lie down or lie down. But if you wear evening dresses, will you be so casual?

Originally, there are many kinds of mind-suggesting, such as punching at work. Many times do not necessarily mean the need for attendance. Instead, you are notified that after you have played the card, you are even entering work time.

There are working desks and chairs, work effects, and so on, all of which have such suggestive effects.

There is also an effect of professional wear that is to show consistent beauty. Some people may say that there are characteristics that are called the United States, and there are unanimously comparable? The person I want to talk about in this way must have been influenced by Western thinking. In the East, I usually use the same, regular, and beautifully-called beauty. Imagine why, on the occasion of the National Day military parade, the guards of honor guards not only dress up in uniform but also height. There are strict norms in both body and shape, not to mention the move; our country's buildings are worth mentioning, and the embellishments are all symmetric, which is China's aesthetic concept. One time, our company’s five colleagues wearing uniforms to participate in a dinner party left a very good image for the owner, saying that our company attaches great importance to the image and is very formal.

Other professions have the meaning of publicity. For example, many employees in service industries wear clothing with the company's LOGO and font size, and wherever they go is an advertising campaign.

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