Hotel IC card lock principle Hotel IC card door lock working technology principle

Hotel IC card lock principle is what? Hotel IC card lock working principle process introduction. Hotel lock points magnetic card sensor lock and IC card sensor lock, the two are different when used. Even if it is an IC card lock, it is divided into contact type and non-contact type. This article mainly introduces the working principle of the hotel IC card door lock. The IC card lock is a kind of electronic lock with good confidentiality and difficult to copy. It is popular among hotels and guest houses. Let's take a look at the working principle of the hotel IC card lock. YCR smart lock China

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Hotel IC Card Lock Workflow Steps

Non-networked IC card lock: It is an independent hotel lock, using T5557IC card, which is a kind of artificial information exchange process between card and card reader. Due to its independence, no wiring work is required. YCR smart lock China

First, set the authorization card, clock card, setup card, room number, -closed card, and check-out card. After issuing these cards, write the computer's time and room number into the IC card. Authorized cards, setting cards, clock cards, and room number cards will be used to read the entry information, and then perform clock verification and room setting. After the setting is completed, the guest card, floor card, cleaning card, maintenance card, emergency card, master control card, and office card written by the computer are used to issue the card, which is used in conjunction with the setup card to complete the card issuance function. Data Collector: It is to collect information of door locks. (Quite U disk function now) YCR smart lock China

The door lock itself consists of an electrical control mechanism and a mechanical actuator. The electrical control mechanism is a single-chip microcomputer system that can be programmed at any time by a function card or controller. During normal operation, the information in the inserted IC card is read and recognized, and the door lock is controlled. If verified, the micro-motor in the lock cylinder is controlled to perform the unlock operation. The mechanical part consists of a lock cylinder, an outer lock body and an inner lock body. The lock cylinder includes a lock tongue and a safety tongue and a series of mechanical structures in which the micromotor is embedded. The external lock body includes a handle, a clutch mechanism, an IC reader/writer, an electrical control board, and indicator lights. YCR smart lock China

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1, IC card lock is equivalent to a passive RFID, with wireless radio frequency identification technology. YCR smart lock China

2. The IC card has a coil, which has an antenna to receive the signal function, and is an energy source for the radio frequency chip. A specific code is sent through the radio frequency transmitter above the door. The code of each room is different, so the corresponding room card Only open the corresponding room. YCR smart lock China

3, the antenna through the coupling, access to energy, and then the RF card received the code issued above the door, feedback back to the signal, the room door automatically open. YCR smart lock China

Hotel IC card lock technology principle science

The card's electrical part is composed of an antenna and a control part CPU (encapsulated with PVC). The antenna of the card is only a few sets of wound coils are packaged in the card, and the card has a high-speed (106KB baud rate) interface, 16 The control unit reader sends a set of fixed-frequency electromagnetic waves to the card. The card has an LC series resonant circuit. Its frequency is the same as the frequency emitted by the reader. Under the excitation of the electromagnetic wave, the LC resonant circuit resonates, thus making the capacitance. There is a charge inside. At the other end of the capacitor, a unidirectional conduction pump is connected to store the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor. When the accumulated charge reaches a certain voltage, the capacitor can be used as a power supply. Provide operating voltage for other circuits, transmit the card data or access the reader data. YCR smart lock China

The IC card smart door lock is made of five lock tongue lock cores, which prevents smashing, plugging and colliding; and the IC card's password is composed of 4.2 billion, which eliminates the traditional openness of the door locks. If the card is lost, it can be timely. Loss, do not have to worry about being stolen by others; because the IC card intelligent door lock system manages the intelligent door lock system through the door lock management software. Open the door key and key level authorization management, with different function permissions, the lock in the micro-computer, can identify the card's legitimacy and level, and make corresponding treatment, each unlock has unlock records, at any time can check the door lock open situation. YCR smart lock China

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