How much is the price of washing machine inlet pipe How is the installation of washing machine inlet pipe

Washing machines, these machines are becoming more and more popular in the home, bring a lot of convenience, but we know that most of the standard water inlet pipe length is not enough, so users need to buy a small part of their own, then the price of washing machine inlet pipe How much is it generally, how to install the washing machine inlet pipe, the following Xiao Bian take you to find out.

Washing machine inlet pipe price

In general, the price of such products will not be high, of course, depends on the length you need, usually two meters of the inlet pipe prices at 30 yuan, is still more reasonable, high cost performance. (The price comes from the network, for reference only, the specific price is based on the time of purchase)

Washing machine inlet pipe installation method

1, the inlet pipe and the inlet valve of the washing machine

First, place the connector of the tube on the inlet valve and tighten the thread. Reminder: Filters, fittings and other seals at the water inlet should be installed well; in addition, the force used when tightening should not be too large to prevent damage to the threads; and the water supply pressure should be between 30kpa-1000kpa. If it is out of range, it is necessary to use the buck. Or pressurization device, after installation is complete, it should also be carefully checked to see if there is water leakage.

2, the inlet pipe and the tap connection

(1) Hold the connector on one side of the hand, and hold the buckle and pull it downwards to separate the connection and the inlet pipe.

(2) Then unscrew the four bolts on the connector above to disengage the connector. At this point, there are 3 thread clearances between the end and end joints. If the tap is too thick, you can remove the plastic guide sleeve inside.

(3) Adjust the four bolts above the joint so that the two bolts leaning against the wall are in full contact with the outside of the faucet, which can be pre-threaded by hand.

(4) Use the above fittings to hold the faucet and let the seals and faucets inside touch ample. Reminder: The sealing ring must not be removed, and the mouth of the faucet must be flat.

(5) Turn the 2 bolts outside and let it touch the tap. Then tighten it.

(6) Then rotate the lower joint until the joints at both ends are tightened, and the gap should not exceed 3mm.

(7) Then pull down the buckle of the inlet pipe and insert the inlet pipe upwards into the lower connector, and finally release the buckle.

(8) Finally, there is a step, which is to check, pay attention to see if there is any leakage, if there is, then you need to re-install. Note: The faucet uses a standard faucet.

Solution for water leakage from washing machine inlet pipe

1. In the later period of use, leaks are often found, which may be due to small details, such as the water inlet pipe being not tightened. Most of these cases occur when the inlet pipe is not tightened when the connector or the washing machine is used for a long time and the connector is loosened. It is only necessary to use an inspection tool to tighten the connector to solve the problem of water leakage from the inlet pipe of the washing machine.

2. There is also a possibility that the pipe is damaged because there is water for a long time, and corrosion may occur at the joint. The only solution is to replace the inlet pipe.

Summary: The above is the price of the water inlet pipe for the washing machine brought by Xiao Bian today and related knowledge. I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding, we can refer to the introduction of the price of the washing machine inlet pipe . Note: The water supply pressure to the inlet pipe should not be too large. If it exceeds the range, it must use a pressure-relief device. In addition, after the end of the installation process, it must undergo a rigorous inspection. If there is a leakage, repair or replacement is required.

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