2018 Sanitary Ware Top Ten Chinese Bathroom Top Ten Brand Names

Sanitary ware as a necessity in life, and the quality of sanitary ware will affect people's lives, so many people will choose a well-known brand when choosing a sanitary ware, because the well-known brand is durable and the quality is more secure. Then, come together to understand the top ten brands of 2018 sanitary ware .

2018 sanitary ware ten brands

1, Kohler bathroom

Kohler's growth can be said to be very difficult, Kohler after years of efforts to create elegant home for consumers, while people's ideas on the quality of life continue to sublimate, is the trust of consumers in the brand.

2, Ausman bathroom

Ausman is located in Guangdong. The brand has won several honorable titles such as China's top ten sanitary ware brands. Now it has developed into a leading brand of sanitary ware in China. It has a lot of influence in the sanitary ware industry, and quality is seen by consumers. It is in mind.

3, gold medal bathroom

The gold medal sanitary ware brings high quality service to consumers. After years of hard work, the gold medal always adheres to its own philosophy, maintains the same quality business philosophy, and continuously improves the production technology. It eventually became one of China's ten largest brands of sanitary ware.

4. Faenza sanitary ware

Faenza's strength is not to be underestimated, and its popularity is very high. Faith can never be achieved without Faenza's continuous pursuit, and Faenza's products are extremely fashionable, reflected in manufacturing, craftsmanship, and technology. Aspects.

5, Wrigley bathroom

Wrigley bathroom Foshan, Wrigley as one of China's top ten bathroom brands, it involves a very wide range of products, many types, product specifications designed to meet consumer demand for personalized bathroom decoration.

6, Huida bathroom

The strength and creativity of Huida Sanitary & Bathroom is extraordinary. Huida Sanitary has more than 30 years of history and brings high-quality bathroom products to consumers. Huida pays attention to every detail in product production. The implementation of comprehensive quality control, strict quality testing, the pursuit of perfection of each product.

7, Anwar bathroom

The products involved in Anwar are not only sanitary ware, but also include ceramic tiles. Anwar, as a well-known brand, is step by step to achieve product production and create high-quality sanitary ware for consumers.

8, TOTO bathroom

Since its inception, toto has always adhered to high standards and high-quality production. It is a sanitary ware company focusing on sales and production. It has been committed to creating safe, sanitary, healthy and comfortable sanitary products for consumers.

9, Hengjie bathroom

There are many types of products covered by Hengjie. At present, Hengjie has wooden cabinet manufacturing plants and ceramic production plants. It also has its own physical distribution lines to deliver goods to consumers, and in the Chinese sanitary ware industry, Hengjie’s Strength is not worse than other brands.

10, wave whale bathroom

The whales were founded in 1994. Since then, the products produced by the whales have passed the national quality inspection, and they have taken the lead in exporting abroad and have participated in international exhibitions on behalf of the Chinese sanitary ware industry.

Editor's summary: On the 2018 sanitary ware brand , the top ten brands introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone, the above ranking in no particular order, want to learn more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

Sanitary Ware Sanitary Ware Top Ten Sanitary Sanitary Ware Brand Sanitary Sanitary Ware Top Ten Brands

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