Types of Bedside Lamps Optional Element for Bedside Lamps

The bedside lamp not only creates a home atmosphere in the bedroom, but also embellishes bedroom space decorating effects. However, the height of the installation of the bedside lamp is particular, because a bedside lamp at a suitable height can be used to reach a bedroom chandeliers. Especially for those who have a reading habit before bedtime, it is more important. The following Xiaobian to introduce optional elements of the type bedside lamp and bedside lamp.

Types of bedside lamps

1. Wall lamp

The wall light is generally installed on the left and right side of the bed, and the lamp head can be moved so that the light can be adjusted when reading before going to bed. The wall light is not only soft, but also the shape of the lamp and the color of the lampshade should be coordinated with the wall surface.

2, seat lamp

The seat lights are relatively common and are usually placed on the nightstand. Therefore, when purchasing, the size, color and style of the bedside table must be purchased. On the material, the shade material and the frosted glass are preferred because this material can make the light softer.

3, floor lamp

The floor lamp is placed on the floor of the bedside. This type of floor lamp is suitable for the larger bedroom. The material of the bracket is mainly made of metal, spiral wood or natural material. And choosing a beautiful floor lamp will bring a different effect to the bedroom.

Bedside lamp purchase elements

1, modeling

Bedside lamps are simple in shape and avoid bizarre shapes. A suitable bedside lamp can make the whole space lively and make the bedroom more distinctive, so it is said that the bedside lamp has excellent lighting facilities with practicality and decorativeness.

2, color tone

The color of the bedside lamps should be soft, because too much light will eliminate people's sleepiness and make the eyes feel uncomfortable. The color tone is best based on warm or neutral color, such as: goose yellow, orange, milky white and so on.

3, place

Placement of bedside lamps, according to the principle of use, if there is a habit of reading before going to bed, then bedside lighting should be slightly larger. Bedside light switches should be within reach so that they can be easily controlled.

4, size

The choice of bedside lamp can be based on the size of the bedroom, the overall style to determine the type of lamp. Bedside lamps can't be completely chosen according to personal preference. The result will eventually be completely out of tune with the entire bedroom, which is not worth the candle.

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