What are the protective window types?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the economy, housing is building more and more high. At this time, the most troubling part is the families living in high-rise buildings. Because of the high floors, they often worry that family members will happen near the windows. What kind of accident, in order to avoid these accidents, will install a protective window, but because there are many types of protective window on the market, it is recommended to purchase according to their own needs, then what kind of protective window ? What follows with the Xiaobian Let's see.

What kind of protective window

1, stainless steel fixed window

According to related personnel, products of this type of material are highly permeable, but they are relatively poor in terms of safety, especially on low floors, and they are even less insecure. However, in the previous consumer market, the protection was mainly based on stainless steel fixed windows. Barrier-style sliding doors are the mainstays. Later, due to fierce price competition, thinning materials, rusting, and poor security, they have gradually faded out of the market.

2, stretch protection window

This type of style is more popular in the current market, so many people have adopted this type of protection, the main application of steel plate to the field of anti-theft doors and windows, can effectively prevent theft, and the tensile protection window is beautiful, safe and firm, and affordable .

Protective window selection 4 major points

First, the manufacturer chooses

Although there are many types of such products on the market today, for some small workshops, the quality of the products they produce is not guaranteed. Therefore, care should be taken when selecting products. It is best to use products manufactured by regular manufacturers, whether they are installation or after-sales services. Services are more secure.

Second, open the choice

There are two ways to open this kind of product. Most people are more inclined to open style, not only can open the window to enjoy the outside scenery at any time, but also not so troublesome when cleaning, especially for the installation of air conditioning and air conditioning maintenance and Maintenance provides great convenience.

Third, anti-theft

The most important function of this type of window is still theft prevention. Therefore, when selecting, we must judge the quality of the material from two aspects: material and design. The material must be of high quality and strong against damage, and the design should conceal the position of the lock, lock, etc. The structure and performance are also critical. In addition, the overall design structure should be reasonable, beautiful, and can effectively prolong the destruction time.

Fourth, appearance

Nowadays, in addition to considering practical aspects, aesthetics is also a part that cannot be ignored when people are buying items for use in their homes. Therefore, the protective window should be uniquely creative and bring home the icing on the cake, which will make the home decoration more beautiful and colorful.

Summary: Well, the above is about what kind of protective window content is introduced, I hope to provide you with some help, I believe that in the future selection of protective window types, friends will be more handy, buy their own products.

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