Beware of wheat aphids by imidacloprid this fall

In a twinkling of an eye, wheat aphids are one of the most common pests in the autumn season. In order to prevent and control wheat aphids early, many farmers in the autumn use imidacloprid as a coating to control wheat aphids.

Imidacloprid wheat seed coating is a new method for controlling wheat pests in recent years. According to the test survey: after imidacloprid wheat seed coating, there is basically no aphid before winter, the early spring aphid base is low, the control effect is more than 85%, and the wheat heading and flowering period is from the end of April to the beginning of May, the control effect is still 60%-70%. It can significantly reduce the degree of damage to the wheat bran, delay the arrival of the wheat stagnation period, reduce the number of spraying prevention and control, and the lighter years, even without spraying, increasing the yield by more than 10%, and the gray planthopper,蛴螬 has a concurrent effect. The method is: 600 g / liter of imidacloprid suspension seed coating agent ratio of 500-750 ml / 100 kg of seed, first use a small amount of water (water ratio of 3:100) to dilute the seed coating agent, and then evenly mix the coating Soaked and dried.

The Interior Barn Door Hardware can save space and add some style by installing a barn door or two in your home. Maybe you have salvaged an old door from an actual barn, or purchased a prefabricated door, or even built your own. No matter the case, your door requires a unique set of hardware to properly install it, and many options are available in terms of style and appearance. We'll get you familiar with the Barn Door Hardware that you need.

A set of Interior barn door hardware kits,including 1 rail,2 hanger sets,5 stand-offs and screws,2 anti-jumpers,2 door stoppers ,1 floor guide and other accessories.

The Material is Carbon steel,they have different size such as 5ft,6ft,6.6ft,8ft etc.  

You can make any color you like,powder coating black,white,green,electroplating gold,antique brass and other customization.The loading weight Not more than 120kgs.

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Barn Door Hardware

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