Heat treated cleaning production

As a whole-process pollution prevention and control strategy, cleaner production focuses on fundamentally solving environmental problems and achieving sustainable economic and social development. It emphasizes the “source reduction” of waste, which is prevented before waste is generated. The company starts with product design, raw material selection, process reform, technological progress and production management to maximize the conversion of raw materials and energy into products and reduce resources. Waste and minimize pollutants and their environmental impacts during production.
Current situation
Our company's heat treatment workshop processes 36,000 tons of heat-treated parts per year, and there are more than ten mesh belt production lines. According to the processing characteristics of the mesh belt furnace, a large amount of oil smoke is generated when the parts are quenched after quenching, which seriously pollutes the working environment, so the quenched parts need to be tempered before tempering. It is cleaned with hot water and consumes about 3,600 tons of steam per year, equivalent to 368 tons of standard coal.
2. Analysis and measures
In the process of promoting cleaning and production, the workshop combines the masses to mobilize the masses, proposes innovative ideas, and through feasibility analysis, evaluation and screening, decides to comprehensively utilize the residual heat of the mesh belt furnace.
(1) Technical analysis and measures Because the quenching process of the mesh belt furnace is to protect the surface of the parts from decarburization and non-oxidation, the furnace needs to be supplemented with protective gas to form a certain positive pressure after combustion, and the furnace mouth temperature can reach 180-200 ° C. The water tank connected to the cleaning tank is installed at the furnace mouth, and the water in the cleaning tank is heated by the waste heat circulation of the furnace mouth, the water temperature can reach 50-60 ° C, the degreasing cleaning effect of the parts after quenching is improved, and the cleanliness of the parts is improved, thereby achieving Reduce the generation of soot during tempering and reduce the amount of steam, which not only saves energy, improves the quality of the process, but also greatly improves the environment at the job site. The furnace waste heat recovery and utilization device has mature technology and remarkable effects, and is mature and reliable from a technical perspective.
(2) Resources, energy and environmental analysis After the implementation of the waste heat utilization project, the water temperature in the water tank can be kept above 50 °C, the cleaning effect of the parts can be enhanced, and the generation of soot from the source can be reduced, and the soot discharge can be reduced by 60,000 m3 per year; The amount of steam originally used for the heating of the mesh belt cleaning tank is 250t/month, which can save 3000t of steam per year and save 306.9t of standard coal.
(3) Economic feasibility assessment Each net belt furnace waste heat utilization device will invest 20,000 yuan at a time. At present, one set has been installed, with a total investment of about 200,000 yuan. After completion, the direct economic benefit is to reduce energy consumption cost, steam unit price. Calculated according to 205 yuan / t, the monthly savings of 51,250 yuan, 4 months can recover the investment cost, saving 615,000 yuan per year; at the same time can reduce the cost of fume treatment. The attached table is the economic evaluation of the net belt furnace waste heat utilization project.
Net belt furnace waste heat utilization project economic evaluation form

3. Conclusion
Through the evaluation of technology, energy environment and economy, the technology of the scheme is mature and reliable. Through the implementation of the scheme, the waste heat of the furnace mouth is fully utilized to save energy, and the amount of oil smoke pollutants is controlled from the source to achieve energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and increase. The purpose of the effect.
About the author: Zhang Zhixian, Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group Co., Ltd.

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