Future Technology: Double-sided Solar Panels

The solar cells that we usually see are all single-sided solar cells. Such solar panels can receive direct sunlight and convert light energy into electricity. However, for some reflected sunlight they are powerless. In order to use the reflected sunlight, two-sided solar panels must be used.

In fact, the development of double-sided solar panels has been a period of time, and it is still a relatively advanced technology. Recently, an Israeli company named Bsolar launched their latest double-sided solar panel product. Bsolar uses the current mainstream crystalline silicon as a solar panel material. However, for boron, which is often added to a single-sided solar panel, it is difficult to correctly incorporate it into a bifacial solar panel because the cost is taken into account.

In spite of this, the cost of double-sided solar panels is still very high, but the benefits it brings are also considerable. The use of double-sided design enables the solar panel to receive up to an additional 50% of energy, and placing it on some high-reflectivity surfaces can also effectively increase the utilization of reflected sunlight. If the price of a bi-directional solar panel can fall to an acceptable level, it will certainly become a strong competitor in the renewable energy market.

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