Dartmouth College expands SOLIDWORKS application and advances innovative engineering

September 24, 2014, Shanghai - Global leader in 3D design, 3D digital prototyping and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and 3D experience solutions Dassault Systèmes (Paris Europe Stock Exchange: #13065, DSY .PA) today announced that Talmouth College of Dartmouth College has expanded the range of applications for SOLIDWORKS. Supported by the 3D Experience platform, SOLIDWORKS is now available to all engineering students and is one of the core courses of the Academy. The expansion plan is also an important part of the Institute's efforts to enhance innovative engineering teaching, allowing SOLIDWORKS to be integrated into more courses and research projects.
Dartmouth College's Tal College of Engineering is one of the oldest engineering schools in the United States, and has long been committed to nurturing innovative talents to help them apply engineering design skills to solve important problems. In order to achieve the teaching goals of the college, the professors strive to cultivate students' curiosity, and mobilize the students' passion and interest in engineering design through technical skill development and practical learning, making the teaching process vivid, interesting and effective. An important prerequisite for this teaching method is that the design software should be easy to learn and use, which is an important motivation for the college to decide to promote the standardized use of SOLIDWORKS five years ago.
Dr. Solomon G. Diamond, associate professor at Dartmouth College's Tyre Engineering Design Institute, said: “As educators, our responsibility is to attract and train future engineers. It is important to provide a lively and interesting and exciting learning environment. And let the design tools support problem-based experience learning. SOLIDWORKS is an important part of student experiential learning. Our teaching methods determine that students do not have much training time on design software, and SOLIDWORKS can be in a short time. Being quickly mastered allows students to focus on the innovation process, which is very similar to the industry's operational processes."
For students, SOLIDWORKS is used in the introductory course of engineering design from the freshman and sophomore grades. The course is also open to other students. As a team member, students actively participate in the introductory training of engineering design and participate in solving real-world engineering design problems. Students use engineering design analysis, experimentation, and design principles to discover and research real-world problems in practice, and then they need to propose solutions, build prototypes, test and adjust solutions, and submit final recommendations to the teacher jury. Students must not only consider technical issues, but must also examine the social, human, financial, and business issues associated with implementing the solution.
Philippe Forestier, Executive Vice President of Global Affairs at Dassault Systèmes, said: "We are very proud of our long-term cooperation with Dr. Diamond and Dartmouth College's Tyre Engineering Design Institute. This is the application of SOLIDWORKS to bring about tremendous changes in engineering design teaching. A vivid case. We are very happy to see that students can not only carry out design and manufacturing work, but also succeed in teaching through the Tyre School of Engineering. More than 30% of Tell students are women, which is also established in the field of education. An important benchmark."
The application of SOLIDWORKS also helped Dr. Diamond and his PhD students conduct breakthrough research at the Dartmouth Multimodal Neuroimaging Laboratory. In order to conduct innovative research on brain disorders, graduate students used SOLIDWORKS to create magnetic shielding laboratories for non-invasive human brain research. Shielded rooms are necessary to detect micro-magnetic fields generated by brain nerve activity. They monitor the biomagnetic field while performing non-invasive detection of blood oxygen levels in the brain to assess neurovascular physiological responses using near-infrared light.
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