Interpretation of RHP BSB150 SUH P3 bearing type

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Interpretation of RHP BSB150 SUH P3 bearing type

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-09-25

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RHP bearings are world-renowned bearing brands; one of the three most famous bearing manufacturers in the UK; even though it was once bought by NSK bearings; but customers still have a strong brand awareness of RHP bearings.
RHP bearings enjoy a high reputation in the category of deep groove ball bearings, angular touch bearings and self-lubricating bearings.
BSB is a bearing type (ball screw bearing); similarly there are BSCU and BSPB
150 is a bearing diameter 1.50 inches; 093 refers to the same as 0.93 inches; converted inches millimeters formula: 1 inch = 25.4mm, there are added after the digital bearing diameter as: BSB 100150; this type represents Inner diameter 100 inches; outer diameter 150mm
SU refers to the combination of bearings: single bearing all-in-one combination pairing; similar parameters are DU, DB, DF, DT
H refers to the heavy preload in the preload type; similarly, L, M, etc.
P3 is the fine grade of the bearing; scale grade P4; run grade P2.
If you have other types of RHP bearings, you can contact the 18611116827 test assistance. If you want to purchase high-quality domestic high-speed ceramic ball electric spindle bearings, ball screw bearings, ultra-high-speed angular touch ball bearings, please contact us.

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