Acid and alkali chemicals protective clothing detection instrument use matters needing attention

Acid and alkali chemical protective clothing is used in special industries. Its anti-acid and alkali properties directly affect the safety of the user. Therefore, the fabric of the acid-base chemical protective clothing must undergo rigorous testing before it can be used in the factory. For this convenient issue, the Chinese National Standardization Committee has issued the latest GB 24540-2009 Protective Clothing Protective Clothing for Acids and Bases, which is divided into three testing equipment according to the test items in it. ZF-631-1 Anti-Acid Base The performance tester, ZF-631-2 static acid pressure tester and ZF-631-3 acid permeation time tester also need to pay attention to the personal safety of operators when using these three devices. Here are the several devices. Operational Notes:

Acid and alkali resistance tester Notes

1. When the instrument is not used for a long time, it is necessary to carry out the residual solution emptying operation! After completing this step, it is best to use a cleaning agent to repeat the test and emptying steps to thoroughly clean the pipeline.
2. Do not open the door of the electrical box while the instrument is in operation.
3, acid and alkali have a certain degree of corrosion, test personnel should wear anti-acid / alkali gloves, so as not to personal injury.
4, the instrument power supply should have a good grounding!
5. During the use of the instrument, there will be leakage of acid-alkali liquid inside the upper tank, which has been used for pouring out. It is necessary to open the door to handle the leaked liquid and clean the pipeline.

Static Acid Tester Notes

1, acid and alkali have a certain degree of corrosion, test personnel should wear anti-acid / alkali gloves to avoid personal injury.
2. When the reagents are added, it is necessary to introduce the diversion tube slowly, and it is forbidden to pour it directly.
3. During the test, the glass door in the sample position must be closed.
4. If something unexpected happens during the test, please turn off the power of the instrument in time and clear it before using it again.
5. When the instrument is not used for a long time or when the reagent type is changed, the residual solution emptying operation must be performed! After completing this step, it is better to repeat the test and emptying step again with the cleaning agent to thoroughly clean the pipeline.
6, the instrument power supply should have a reliable grounding!

Acid Permeation Time Tester Notes

1. When taking reagent (test acid), be sure to wear anti-acid gloves and suck it with a pipette;
2. During the test, dropper drops (test acid) should be used;
3. After the test is completed, clean the test bench and the instrument surface in time to prevent corrosion.
4, the instrument must have a reliable grounding line.

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