Precautions for use: Oil filter for mobile screw machine

Because of the portability of the mobile screw machine, the working environment is often not fixed. Maybe it is still wet and rainy in the south, and tomorrow it will be in the dry north; it may still be in the tunnel today, and tomorrow it will be moved to work in an environmental field. Although these workplaces are north-south and north-west, they have one thing in common: the environment is not good, and it can even be described as bad. Because of this, the moving screw machine has very high quality requirements for its own components, lubricating oils, and the like.

Let's talk about mobile screw machine oil filter:

Oil filters, also called oil grids, and air filters and oil separators, collectively known as the three filters of a moving screw machine, are very common components. The main material of the oil filter is generally high-precision imported filter paper, its main role is to filter out impurities such as metal particles in the lubricant, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the oil circulation system, air compressor operation safety and lubricant life.

The service life of the oil filter for mobile screw machine is generally between 1500 and 2000 hours. Once it exceeds this period of use, it must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the following failures are easily caused:

1, easy to cause the lack of oil return of the moving screw machine, resulting in exhaust gas temperature is too high, affect the service life of oil and oil core.

2. Insufficient lubrication of the host is caused, and the service life of the host is shortened if it is severe.

3, can not play a very good filter effect, resulting in a lot of lubricating oil containing a large number of impurities such as metal particles into the host of the mobile screw machine, causing damage to the host.

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