Are furniture package promotions really cost-effective?

Citizen Miss Lin just bought a new house and wanted to take advantage of the promotion before the Spring Festival to buy some furniture. Facing all kinds of furniture, she really felt picky. Some merchants put out a "package promotion" form that made Miss Lin unable to choose. Buy a package, the home is not big, some furniture is not very practical; if you do not buy a package, the price of a single furniture will be relatively high. So, when there is the temptation of "package promotion", how should consumers choose?

Netizens suggest

Xiao Han: The size and placement of furniture will depend on the specific situation of your home. I will definitely not choose a package or something, because generally there will be some optional furniture in this package, such as a wine cabinet, a dining cabinet or the like, which depends on whether you can put down the restaurant at home.

Sand Crocodile: I think if you want to buy package furniture, you have to see if the furniture in the package is practical. The full set of furniture in my master bedroom is the "package" bought. This package includes a 1.8-meter bed, a 1.8-meter mattress, two bedside tables, a dressing table, and a wardrobe. It only cost more than 5,000 It ’s a bargain, I think it ’s very cost-effective. And most importantly, this set of packages is more consistent in style and looks good in the room.

Xiaojuan: I will choose to buy a "package." Furniture is to be bought anyway. If it can be cheaper, why not do it? Of course, the quality of the furniture in this package should be good enough, and if the style is what I like. If most of a set is my favorite, only one or two are not my favorite, I will buy it.

Expert statement

The Information Times reporter interviewed Cheng Mengxin, a star decoration designer. Cheng Mengxin believes that whether to buy a package depends on whether there is really a need, "If the items of the package can be used, it is exactly what you need, then of course it is cost-effective. But if some parts are not really needed, the merchant" bundles the package "to sell, It ’s not cost-effective. ”At the same time, he reminded consumers that although the furniture package is economical, but before buying, you also need to carefully consider the following questions: First, whether the furniture color matches the decoration style; Second, whether the furniture size is appropriate; 3. If it is necessary to change the size, is it cost-effective to increase the cost?

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