Traffic safety tips

1. Walking safety: Pedestrians must walk in sidewalks, no sidewalks walk on the right side; crosswalks must cross pedestrian crossings; sidewalks controlled by effective traffic signals must abide by the signal regulations; through sidewalks not controlled by traffic signals, look left and right, pay attention Vehicles are not allowed to chase and run; those without pedestrian crossings must pass straight through, and they must not cross suddenly when vehicles are approaching; anyone who crosses street bridges or underpasses must walk across pedestrian bridges or underpasses; they are not allowed to climb over roadsides and roads The guardrails and barriers in the middle are not allowed to pick up cars, chase cars, forcibly block cars or throw cars on the road.

2. Safety when riding bicycles (electric cars, motorcycles): under 16 years old, you cannot ride electric cars or motorcycles on the road; do not ride umbrellas; ride bicycles without hands; do not ride with people; do not ride "sick" vehicles ; Do not ride fast; do not grab the road with motor vehicles; do not ride in parallel; do not ride in bad weather.

3. Safety when riding a bus: You must get on and off after getting on a bus, grab the handrails on the bus, and keep your head, hands, and other body parts out of the window. Take care of things around you to prevent pickpocketing. ; Do not take overloaded cars

Railroad crossings are relatively complicated and the traffic is very busy. Pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and trains must pass through the crossings. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, fences are installed at railway crossings. When the train comes, the red signal lights flash, the fence closes, and pedestrians and various vehicles stop moving forward, waiting quietly for the train to pass. Never cross the fence and take the risk. When passing through an unguarded crossing, you must stop and watch carefully from left to right.

In the midsummer of summer, the scorching summer is difficult, and our outdoor activities have increased. Especially during the summer vacation, when you go out often, you should consciously abide by the traffic rules so that parents can rest assured. The sun is hot, the road is hot, and the sprinkler cools the road. Students must not play around the sprinkler. When a typhoon or rain suddenly comes, you cannot run in a hurry; stay cool at night, do not occupy the road and affect traffic.

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