How can equipment protect against lightning disasters? Lightning protection device often detected

How to prevent lightning in schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings, intelligent buildings and other units? According to experts from the Shenzhen Lightning Protection Institute, the most effective method for lightning protection is the frequent detection of lightning protection devices, including:

1. The lightning protection devices should be regularly tested by a qualified professional lightning protection inspection agency to assess whether the lightning protection devices meet the requirements of national regulations. They should be tested once a year, such as: schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings, intelligent buildings, etc. , Hazardous chemical sites such as flammable and explosive sites should be tested every six months.

2. The unit should have a person responsible for lightning disaster prevention, responsible for the daily maintenance and inspection of lightning protection devices. During the thunderstorm season, the strong and weak currents installed in the distribution system and telephone program-controlled switches, computer networks, closed-circuit monitoring, etc. should be checked regularly or irregularly. The operation status of the surge protector should be replaced in time when damage is found.

3. During the construction of the information system, the construction of the lightning protection system should be carried out in advance or simultaneously.

4. Lightning protection equipment, devices, and equipment that meet the national standards in quality and technology should be used, and non-standard and non-tested lightning protection products and equipment should be avoided.

5. The lightning protection devices of new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects shall be subject to the administrative approval of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau according to the provisions of the document. The municipal lightning protection office shall carry out technical evaluation. Lightning detection agency to detect.

6. After the occurrence of a lightning disaster, you should report the situation to the competent meteorological department in a timely manner, conduct a disaster investigation, analyze the reasons, handle the rectification in a timely manner, and avoid another lightning strike.

7. For major construction projects, lightning disaster risk assessment should be conducted through the lightning protection technical department.

Professional lightning protection team is your lightning protection guard

On March 2, 1999, "Guangdong Province [1999] No. 21" promulgated the "Guangdong Province Lightning Disaster Prevention Management Regulations", which stipulated that the meteorological department at or above the county level shall be responsible for the lightning protection and disaster reduction work in the administrative region, and implement the design review system and prevention. Lightning project acceptance system and regular inspection system for lightning protection devices. Article 31 of the "Meteorological Law of the People's Republic of China", implemented on January 1, 2000, clarifies the organization, management and testing of meteorological authorities at all levels to prevent lightning disasters.

The inspection of lightning protection facilities in Shenzhen is based on the national standards "Design Specifications for Lightning Protection of Buildings" and "Code for Lightning Safety of Petroleum and Petroleum Facilities", etc., and implements the inspection work regulations formulated by the Provincial Lightning Protection Center. Inflammable and explosive lightning protection devices have undergone annual regular inspections, urging and rectifying a batch of unqualified lightning protection devices, eliminating a large number of hidden dangers of lightning damage.

The Shenzhen Lightning Protection Equipment Inspection Office is responsible for the detection and technical service of the lightning protection devices in Shenzhen. The scope of work has covered the city's key production safety protection units, flammable and explosive places, financial securities, high-rise buildings, intelligent buildings, computer networks, communications Facilities, high-tech industries and many other industries.

Three steps for routine lightning protection test declaration

(1) Declaration and registration. The declaration method can be declared by the person coming, or by phone or letter, or online.

After the declaration, you need to provide information, including the name, address, contact phone number, and contact person of the inspected unit, plus the name and number of the lightning protection device to be tested.

Those who come to apply for declaration shall go to the meteorological service hall on the first floor of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and fill out the "Registration Form for the Application of Lightning Protection Equipment Detection and Registration". The person who declares the incoming call or letter shall fill in the "Registration Form for Testing and Declaration of Lightning Protection Facility" by the lightning protection institute.

(2) Testing arrangements. From the date of registration, the inspection schedule will be arranged within 3-5 working days. Inform the inspected unit in advance and make relevant arrangements.

(3) Test report. After the test is completed, the test report will be issued within 3 working days, and the "Shenzhen Lightning Protection Equipment Test Qualification Certificate" will be issued if the test is qualified; the "Lightning Protection Rectification Notice" will be issued for the unqualified or defective, and the rectification will be made within a limited time. The "Lightning Protection Device Test Report" shall be collected by the tested unit at the Meteorological Service Hall on the first floor of the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau.


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