Land Rover Triumph Furniture Maintenance Tips

Land Rover Triumph Furniture Maintenance Tips
Method / Step 1:


Always remove dust, because the dust will rub the surface of the solid wood furniture every day. It is best to use a clean soft cotton cloth, such as an old white T-shirt or cotton cloth for babies. Remember not to use sponges or utensils to clean your furniture.

When removing dust, use a cotton cloth that has been wrung out after wetting, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction and avoid scratching the furniture. At the same time, it can also help reduce the adsorption of static electricity on the dust and facilitate the removal of dust on the furniture surface. However, moisture should be avoided on the surface of the furniture. It is recommended to wipe it again with a dry cotton cloth. When you dust the furniture, you should remove your decorations, and make sure to take it lightly when moving


Method / Step 2:


In order to remove traces caused by air pollutants, cooking fumes, cooking stains, and residues during polishing, we recommend using special furniture cleaners. This solvent can also help remove excess wax, which is wiped off together without any other adverse reactions.

Method / Step 3:


Method / Step 4:

In addition to frequent dust removal, the surface of wooden furniture sometimes requires waxing for further maintenance to increase the aesthetic appearance.

Method / Step 5:

We recommend using special pure wood furniture glazing wax for regular maintenance of the furniture. In addition, you must not choose those glazing agents containing silicone resin, because silicone resin will not only soften and damage the coating, but also block the pores of wood, making repair difficult. Although regular waxing does not harm the coating, we recommend that you only apply it 1 to 2 times a year. Excessive waxing can also damage the appearance of the coating.

Method / Step 6:

Our recommended glazing procedures are as follows:

Method / Step 7:

(1) Apply glazing wax to a clean white soft cloth, preferably natural fibers such as pure cotton. Please use glazing wax sparingly, because only a small amount of glazing agent can keep the furniture beautiful for a long time.

Method / Step 8:

(2) Rub the glazing wax onto the furniture in the direction of the wood texture. Use the other side of the soft cloth, if necessary, you can also use another soft cloth to wipe off the excess polishing wax on the furniture surface.

Method / Step 9:

(3) Avoid excessive friction during the waxing process. Excessive friction is actually harmful to the matte layer. In severe cases, it will cause uneven gloss on the furniture surface.

Method / Step 10:

Water marks

Method / Step 11:

Water marks usually take a while to disappear. If it is still visible after a month, please wipe the water mark with a clean soft cloth coated with a little salad oil or mayonnaise in the direction of the wood grain. Or you can use a damp cloth to cover the mark, and then use an electric iron to carefully press the wet cloth several times, the mark can be faded

Method / Step 12:

Burn marks

Use a piece of dry, ultra-fine furniture coating special steel wool pad to wipe directly along the direction of the wood grain at the burn mark; you can also apply salad oil or mayonnaise to the burn mark, take a soft cloth to smooth the wood grain Wipe, then wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Finally polished. Cigarette butts or unextinguished matches leave scorch marks on the lacquer surface of the furniture. If the lacquer surface is burnt, you can wrap a layer of fine cloth on the match stick or toothpick, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of wax, scorch To dilute.

Method / Step 13:

Burn marks

Method / Step 14:

Cigarette butts or unextinguished matches leave scorch marks on the lacquer surface of the furniture. If the lacquer surface is burnt, you can wrap a layer of fine cloth on the match stick or toothpick, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of wax, scorch To dilute.

Method / Step 15:


Method / Step 16:

If the furniture lacquer surface is scratched and the wood under the paint is not touched, it can be applied to the wound surface of the furniture with crayons or paints of the same color as the furniture to cover the exposed background color, and then apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish

Method / Step 17:

Hardware decoration

Method / Step 18:

Hardware decorations should not be exposed to water. Once exposed to water, it is easy to rust or corrode, so just wipe gently with a dry cloth, do not use chemical-containing cleaning agents

Method / Step 19:

Sticky paper

Method / Step 20:

Soak the paper completely with salad oil, and after a few minutes, use steel wool specially designed for furniture to gently wipe it in the direction of the wood grain. Polish after drying.

Method / Step 21:

Tip: High-quality steel wool for furniture painting can be bought in building materials hardware stores.

Method / Step 22:

Remember: Do not use steel balls to wipe pots or pots instead of special steel wool for furniture coating.

Method / Step 23:

Clean cloth

When cleaning and maintaining furniture, you must first determine whether the rags used are clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn it over or use a clean cloth. Don't be lazy and reuse the dirty side again and again. This will only cause the dirt to rub repeatedly on the furniture surface, but will damage the shiny surface of the furniture.

Choose the right care agent

To maintain the original brightness of furniture, there are currently two furniture care products: furniture care wax spray and cleaning and maintenance agent. The former is mainly for furniture made of various materials such as wood, polyester, paint, and fireproof rubber, and has two different fresh fragrances of jasmine and lemon. The latter is suitable for all kinds of furniture made of wood, glass, synthetic wood or Mena board, especially for furniture made of mixed materials. Therefore, if you can use maintenance products that have both cleaning and care effects, you can save a lot of precious time. Before using the spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent, it is best to shake it up, and then hold the spray can directly at a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid components in the can can be completely released without losing pressure. Afterwards, lightly spray the dry rag at a distance of about 15 cm, so as to wipe the furniture again, it will have a good cleaning and maintenance effect. In addition, after using the rag, remember to wash and dry. As for furniture with fabric materials, such as fabric sofas and leisure cushions, you can use the cleaning and maintenance agent for cleaning carpets. When in use, first use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe it.


Four Mistakes in Land Rover Triumph Maintenance
Method / Step 1:

When wiping furniture, do not use coarse cloth or old clothes that you no longer wear as rags

It is best to use towels, cotton cloth, cotton fabric or flannel cloth to wipe furniture. Thick cloth, cloth with thread ends or old clothes with stitches, buttons, etc. that can cause scratches on the furniture surface should be avoided as much as possible.

Method / Step 2:

Do not wipe the dust on the furniture surface with a dry cloth

Dust is composed of fibers, sand and silica, and many people are used to cleaning the surface of furniture with a dry cloth. In fact, these fine particles have damaged the paint surface of the furniture in the rubbing back and forth. Although these scratches are minimal and even invisible to the naked eye, over time, the surface of the furniture will be dull and rough, and the light will no longer be bright.

Method / Step 3:

Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean the furniture

Cleaning products such as soapy water and dishwashing liquid not only cannot effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the furniture, but also can not remove the silica sand particles before polishing, and because they are corrosive, they will damage the surface of the furniture and let the furniture paint The face became dull and dull. At the same time, if water penetrates into the wood, it will cause mold or local deformation of the wood, shortening the service life. Many furniture is now made of fiberboard machines. If moisture penetrates into it, it will not get moldy in the first two years because formaldehyde and other additives have not been completely volatilized. However, once the additives evaporate, the moisture of the wet cloth will cause the furniture to mold. If the residents on the lower floors, the furniture in the home may be "mildew" every year. I would also like to remind you that even if the surface of some furniture is coated with piano paint, it can be properly scrubbed with clean water. Do not leave the wet rag on the surface of the furniture for a long time to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood.

Method / Step 4:

Furniture care wax spray cannot be used to clean and maintain leather sofas


Many furniture care wax spray instructions say that they can be used to maintain leather sofas, causing many housewives to make mistakes. Salesmen in furniture stores know that furniture care spray wax can only be used to spray wooden furniture surfaces, not on sofas. This is because the leather sofa is actually the skin of animals. Once the wax is sprayed on it, it will cause the pores of the leather products to be clogged. Over time, the leather will age and shorten its service life. In addition, in order to make the furniture look more shiny, some people apply some wax products directly to the furniture, or use it improperly, but it will make the surface of the furniture have fog spots. Land Rover Triumph Furniture

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