Be careful with the market's "lightning protection" sockets to teach you how to distinguish the genuine

Today, when advocating safe consumption, functional sockets have attracted more and more attention, especially the "lightning protection socket" has become one of the necessary functions for protecting electrical appliances. Generally, sockets with such functions are often expensive. But according to professionals: fake lightning protection sockets not only cannot protect against lightning but are also harmful to electrical appliances! In order to better illustrate this point, here I will add some tips for you to buy lightning protection sockets.

"Surge" is a kind of instantaneous current and voltage fluctuations appearing in the circuit. The main sources are lightning, static electricity, switching actions, etc., so lightning protection is professionally called "surge protection". In the current functional socket market, it is claimed that There are many sockets with anti-surge function, but the actual effect is very different.

According to the IEC standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission, the protection must be between zero and zero, and the protection level and protection energy indicators must be designed and implemented in strict accordance with the environment of use, such as the maximum flow capacity of the protection and the voltage limit , So that users can get a clear and quantitative surge protection.

Excellent lightning protection sockets, such as the bodyguard sockets that have reached the highest level of indoor lightning protection in China and have passed professional tests and expert identification, products with different protection levels are clearly marked with functional parameters. Depending on the place of use, the current-breaking capabilities of Breakthrough Electric ’s products are also different (up to 6000 amps and 10,000 amps, respectively, available for home and office in two different areas), and the product can clearly show the protection range that each can achieve And action time. These data are the basic data of lightning protection products in line with national standards. At the same time, the breakthrough surge protection socket has been verified in the actual use of many customers. In 2000, it was designated by the Aerospace Science and Technology Group as a key link and used by many telecommunications and financial systems for terminal protection. In addition, Breakthrough Electric Company is also a member of the National Lightning Protection Standardization Technical Committee and the National Lightning Arrester Standardization Technical Committee. You can rest assured by choosing such a lightning protection socket.

However, some socket products known as "lightning protection" on the market are only a primary capacitor-like component connected to Zero FireWire, and the concept of stealing is changed to confuse the audio-visual of the component's reaction time. Not only does it not play a protective role, it may also burst in the event of a strong surge / lightning. It is a serious deception of consumers.

Therefore, it is necessary for the author to remind consumers again that when purchasing a surge protection socket (lightning protection socket), it is necessary to see whether there is professional detection and clear parameter labeling, and pay attention to choosing a high-quality brand with good reputation, so that your appliances are not afraid of electricity Surge / thunderbolt is coming at any time.

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