Remedial measures for waterlogging disasters in orchards

1. Drainage

After the rain, the fruit garden should be dredged in time to discharge the water in the orchard, and the trees that have been washed down by the floods can be supported and supported and fixed by the bracket if necessary (should be supported by the brackets within 2-3 days, Fixation, promote the fruit tree to restore normal growth and development as soon as possible. Otherwise, after the soil is dry, the root system will be difficult to support. If it is forcibly adjusted, it will easily damage the roots. Pay attention to the fact that when lifting the tree, do not use too much force. Promote fruit trees to restore normal growth and development as soon as possible. In particular, peach, plum, pear, kiwi, grape and other fruit trees should do the drainage work to keep the soil in the orchard dry and restore the ventilation conditions of the roots of the fruit trees. For orchards that are heavier in flooding and cannot clean the silt in time, it is necessary to dig a drain between the rows of fruit trees to reduce the groundwater level. Immediately in the row of fruit trees without a gutter, ditches 50 cm-60 cm deep and 30 cm wide to allow water to seep into the ditch. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
2, remove debris, Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Remove the debris and sludge deposited on the branches and leaves. It is best to spray the water with a sprayer to clean the leaves to ensure the normal physiological activities of the tree. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
3, cultivating to dry soil, soil and root protection Linyi fertilizer network copyright
After the water is removed, the soil around the tree tray can be dried and dilute at a distance of 1.5m-2m from the trunk to accelerate the evaporation of soil moisture, strengthen the ventilation, and facilitate the beneficial microbial activities of the soil, thereby restoring root development and promoting new Root growth. After 3 sunny weather, cover the soil. Fruit trees with heavy roots and roots should be combined with cultivating soil to dry roots and remove the roots of ulcerated trees. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
For the orchard washed by the topsoil, it is necessary to cultivate the roots as early as possible, expose the roots and re-buried them into the soil. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
4, brush white bandage Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
For the fruit trees that have a large number of fallen leaves after being licked, in order to prevent the sunburn of the main stem, the trunk and branches are exposed, and the white water or lime slurry can be used with 1:10 lime water (whitening agent: quicklime 5kg+stone sulphur mixture crystal 250g+salt) 100g + water 10kg-15kg) is painted and wrapped with straw or wheat straw to prevent cracking of the bark caused by exposure. Ensure that the branches and leaves are intact and promote photosynthesis. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
5, anti-strong sun drying Linyi fertilizer network copyright
In the case of high temperature and sunny weather after the rain, it is best to carry out anti-strong sunning work on the fruit trees that have a great influence on the waterlogging damage to prevent the plants from dying and dying. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
6, Feifei Yangshu Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
After the fruit tree is damaged, the root system is damaged, and the ability to absorb the fertilizer is weakened. It is not appropriate to carry out root fertilization immediately. While increasing the application of quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer to restore the tree potential, it is also necessary to increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and to apply foliar fertilizer. After the rain, the pests should be combined with the pest control for 2-3 times in a row, 5-7 days apart, 0.1%-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or 0.3%-0.5% urea solution or Moxa 1000 times or green. Fenway No. 1 1000 times and so on for foliar topdressing or tree trunk coating of amino acids, or rhizosphere application of compound fertilizer. After the tree is restored, the decomposed human and animal excrement, cake fertilizer or urea is applied to promote new roots. After the water-flooded orchard is reduced, the soil is first turned into soil and then applied to the base fertilizer. For orchards with severe root damage, the amino acid should be sprayed on the foliar spray fertilizer and the trunk, so as to avoid re-watering the roots after the top dressing. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
7, moderately trimmed Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Cut off broken branches in time, remove fallen leaves and drop fruits. For trees with severe root damage, timely branching, cutting leaves, and removing fruits to reduce transpiration and reduce tree consumption to prevent plant death. For trees with more dead branches, cut off the useless branches after the sprouts sprout. For the growth of new shoots, especially the plants with more long shoots in the upper part of the canopy, in order to control the canopy, reduce the burden on the shoots, and prevent the branches from cracking, it is advisable to timely trim the long branches and the upper dense new shoots. For the drooping branches that have been split or broken, short cuts at the split or appropriate branches to prevent the wound from getting bigger and bigger, and also reduce the branches and fruits near the cracked branches. If the grapes should be topped in time, prevent the young leaves from being infected with downy mildew; the peach trees should be retracted or cut off on the back of the prosperous new shoots, and the overhanging new shoots; for the trees with more results, some or all of the fruits can be removed. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
8, prevention and treatment of insects Linyi fertilizer network copyright
The high temperature and humidity environment is conducive to the occurrence and spread of various diseases such as pear scab, rust, ring disease, peach leaf disease, brown rot, anthracnose, grape black vaccination, etc. The growth of pests such as green leafhopper, peach aphid and mulberry scorpion. After being flooded, the disease resistance of the tree is weakened and the wounds are increased. It is the peak period of various diseases. After the rain has passed, spray 2-3 times in time to disinfect the whole garden, and use high-efficiency broad-spectrum insecticide to prevent pests and diseases. Spread, such as 25% powder rust 2500-3500 times solution, 40% carbendazim 600-800 times solution, 70% methyl thiophanate 700-800 times solution, 65% daikon zinc 500-700 times solution, 75% bacterium Clear 500-600 times liquid and so on. Orchards with many diseases such as open-surface grapes should be sprayed in a timely manner during the rainy period, and the fungicides with good protection and good systemic absorption should be sprayed in time. In the high temperature period after the flood, it is necessary to pay close attention to the occurrence of root rot and root disease, and to cope with the prevention and treatment of the disease. Grapes should not use redness agents such as ethephon. During the rainy season, the swell pressure of mature grape fruit is increased sharply. If the external ripening agent will further aggravate the cracking fruit, the use of high temperature weather will also cause a lot of fruit drop phenomenon, the quality is obviously reduced, and even the harvest is not acceptable. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
9. Anytime Qingyuan Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
More rain, more water, more heat and humidity, the pathogen is the most easy to spread, you must clear the garden at any time. Remove the diseased leaves, diseased branches and diseased fruits from the orchard into the garden, deep burial or incineration; remove the weeds in the orchard in time; after cutting off the diseased branches and diseased fruits, disinfect them to prevent cross-infection. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
10, timely harvest Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
For orchards that have been flooded for a long time, they should be harvested in advance; those that are less affected and not affected should be harvested in stages. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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