True and false graphene

Abstract The graphene concept, which has been quiet for a long time, has been in full swing for two consecutive days. The incentive is that "China's graphene resources will be exhausted in 20 years" and Ren Zhengfei's "graphene or subversive wafer industry...
The concept of graphene, which has been quiet for a long time, has been in full swing in the market for two consecutive days. The incentive is that “China’s graphene resources will be exhausted in 20 years” and Ren Zhengfei’s prediction that “graphene or subversive wafer industry” will be used. As of yesterday's close, Zhongchao Cable, Fangda Carbon, Gorgeous Family, Alkenes New Materials, Letong Shares, Jinlu Group and other "Ane" concept stocks, two daily limit, the other increase was 9.89%.

"All the graphite sheets are flickering." The industry is worried that if even the enterprises in the industry use the enthusiasm of capital to "cut the ball" in concept, it is very unfavorable to the development of the industry.

Yesterday at 11:38, Zhongchao Cable announced the announcement at noon that the company and the National Wire and Cable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center reached an agreement on technical R&D cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. After the resumption of trading in the afternoon, the company's share price went straight to the daily limit.

The reporter reviewed the relevant patents of Zhongchao Cable and described the following: The utility model discloses a rubber insulated cable containing graphene. The technical problem to be solved is to provide a mechanical property, heat resistance and chemical stability. Conductive graphene-containing rubber insulated cable.

“I have carefully studied the patent of Zhongchao Cable.” “Graphite Han Shu,” who has several patents for graphene inventions, told reporters that, in essence, what Zhonghao Cable did was to fill a traditional cable with a layer of graphite instead. Some of these materials mainly achieve the effect of improving flame retardancy and thermal conductivity. “This has been used in the cable industry, and many cable companies have such technology. The real graphene application must be to grow a transparent graphene film on the copper wire of the cable inside the cable. Improve the electrical conductivity of the cable. According to the test results of "graphene cold uncle", the effect of graphene on the electrical conductivity of outdoor large cables is not obvious at present. He believes that such applications are mainly advantageous for household wire signals, high-definition lines, earphone cables and other relatively small diameter wire products.

In fact, since the concept of graphene has been in the market, the controversy about "graphite" and "graphene" has not stopped.

According to industry insiders, from the perspective of intuitive characteristics, graphene is a transparent layer, while graphite is not. Graphene is not a powder, but a film. Some of the products on the market are made by oxidizing graphite and then pressing it into a film. "That stuff has nothing to do with graphene."

In the industry view, there are only a few listed companies currently involved in graphene products. Among them, Jinlu Group has graphene film products, as well as graphite microchips, but its related graphene products are still in the laboratory stage.

In contrast, Changzhou Two-Dimensional Carbon Corporation, which has some relationship with Lihe, has the ability to industrialize. "In May of this year, Changzhou two-dimensional carbon has proposed to expand production capacity to 200,000 square meters in 2014." According to industry insiders.

According to experts, graphene products currently have two application directions, one is a graphene transparent conductive film that replaces ITO; the other is a graphene heat conductive film that replaces the synthetic graphite heat conductive film.

At a time when some domestic enterprises are obsessed with the concept of hype, internationally, there has been continuous progress in the application of graphene technology. For the domestic graphene industry, there are many companies, but the actual results are not outstanding. Xu Zihan, the chief engineer of Shenzhen Six Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., who claims to be the one who bought the house and used it to do the graphene, said humorously. This is because "some of the small partners in the industry are either drunk in the capital market, or indulge in the acquisition of government funds."

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