How to distinguish recycled plastic

1. Look at the color:
The lighter the color (even colorless and transparent), the wider the range of use and the higher the level. Such as white, it can be adjusted into a variety of other colors, but also can be used as a white product, the same price is also high. Secondly, because of the needs of the product, various ingredients are added to the raw materials.
2. Look at the CaC03 (stone powder) content
The more CaC03 content, the lower the grade, the lower the price. From the naked eye, the product is not bright, dull (except matt), the CaC03 content will be more, and it will feel heavy from the hand. If it is burned with fire, the burnt part will turn red and become gray. In addition, we must pay attention to the enhancement (referring to glass fiber) products. The enhanced products that can be used are only PA, PBT, PP, etc., and the price is not high. There are also several kinds of alloy materials. At present, there are only one kind of ABS+PC in China, and the others will not work. According to the specific gravity (density) of the raw materials, it can be judged whether the mixed materials can be reused. At present, the most problem is the mutual mixing of ABS and PS, the mutual mixing of PC and PMMA, the PVC flakes (bottle) and PEl, and the flakes. Mixed, PE and PP are mixed with each other. After mixing these materials, the density is similar and it is difficult to use.
3. Look at the regenerative plastic material. The purer the pure material is, the higher the grade is. The material is impure, the grade is low, and some intermixes are not even needed.
4. The difference between the waste plastics and waste plastics directly to the plastic article is crushed to powder or granular, you can still distinguish what is expected, for example, injection molding, drawing, film or the like. Recycled materials are recycled. I don't know how many times I can't accurately distinguish anything. I can only divide the level according to the number of cycles, the minimum start, the special grade, the first grade, the second grade.

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